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Take part in Paid Market Research with Angelfish Opinions

Take part in Paid Market Research with Angelfish Opinions

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Angelfish Opinions is a market research agency that specialises in recruiting participants for market research projects for a variety of brands. Some of their most popular ones include IKEAVodafone, MATALAN and the BBC.

Based in the beautiful Cotswold town of Cheltenham, Angelfish Opinions are passionate about gathering feedback so brands can better understand consumers like you!   

They are also proud members of various market research governing bodies, such as The Market Research Society (MRS)AQR and ESOMAR – which means that everything they do is 100% legitimate and above-board. 

Read this article to see what paid market research is all about and the different kinds you could take part in:  

First off – what is paid market research?

When companies are looking to improve their products, brand and services in order to retain their competitive edge, they will conduct market research. 

As part of this, they will recruit individuals who are prepared to give feedback on their services to take part in research, and pay them for their time – and that, in a nutshell, is paid market research! 

So, by taking part, not only do you have the opportunity to earn some extra cash, but also to voice youopinion on your favourite everyday goods, services and brands! 

There are multiple kinds of paid market research you can take part in: 

Online focus groups 

Traditional focus groups (more on that below) usually involve six to 10 participants who are brought together with a trained moderator to take part in a planned discussion. 

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, online focus groups are becoming increasingly popular, as participants can take part in sessions from the comfort of their own home – making them a fantastic option for busy mums! 

Online video technologies such as Zoom have made online focus groups that much easier in the last few years, whilst still catering for the “think tank” dynamic of the traditional focus group. 

WhatsApp diaries and surveys are other means of online qual that Angelfish Opinions have implemented, making them short, easy and enjoyable to complete. 

Online surveys 

… are exactly what they say on the tin! Online surveys can be completed at any time, anywhere – whether you’re out for coffee, at home for the afternoon, or somewhere else entirely. 

Your identity always remains confidential (unless otherwise stated before the survey starts) 

Ultimately, they’re the perfect choice for people who can only commit a short amount of time to market research and who maybe aren’t as confident in face-to-face situations. 

Market research online communities (MROCs) 

Paid market research online communities are relatively similar to online focus groups, but instead of a preplanned discussion, they usually take place on a private platform or website and guide you and your fellow participants to take part in a variety of activities, conversations and exercises.  

Responses can be submitted via various channels, such as video messaging and online forums. Sometimes you might be able to see the responses given by other participants, but in others, this might be restricted. 


This is a pretty in-depth research method that takes place in real-life environments, such as when you’re doing an in-store shop, having dinner at a restaurant, or even just going about your daily home routine. 

An ethnography usually involves the observer being physically present for a significant amount of time so that they can gain as many insights as possible. 

There is also a means of carrying out an ethnography remotely, mobile ethnography. This methodology has continued to gain popularity; in this methodology, instead of bringing the subject to the researcher, participants document their daily lives using photos and videos, helping to capture real, in the moment behaviours 

Focus groups 

As mentioned above, traditional focus groups contain a small group of people who are led through specific discussions by a facilitator, but in a face-to-face setting as opposed to online. 

In this scenario, you and your fellow participants are asked questions in a collaborative setting and are encouraged to discuss your thoughts freely with other members of the group. 

A couple of common questions we get about paid market research: 

Will I have to buy anything during the research? 

The aim of paid market research is to gain feedback on products and services from the people who use them in their everyday lives – it’s not a sales pitch with a view to making you buy something!  

Angelfish Opinions’ clients will never attempt to sell you anything, and you will never be asked to pay for anything – you’re the one who’s earning here, not them! 

How do I know that the research is genuine? 

It always pays to be cautious when applying for market research opportunities, so if you do decide to get involved, make sure the company asking you to participate is a member of a market research governing body, such as The Market Research SocietyAQR and ESOMAR. 

Ready to shape the way your favourite brands develop their products and services? 

Angelfish Opinions is always on the lookout for people who are interested in giving their opinion on new products and services. To join Angelfish Opinions’ community of like-minded people and start taking part in paid market research today, sign up here. 

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