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4 Genius Ways To Save And Make Money As You Move House

4 Genius Ways To Save And Make Money As You Move House

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Traditionally, moving home has been thought of as an expensive activity. After all, there are the surveys to pay for, and the fees, the deposit to find, as well as the moving company and redecoration costs to consider. However, it is possible to save money and even maybe make a little cash during your moving experience. Read on to find out how.

Save: Don’t pay estate agents fees

One way that you can make a significant saving on the costs of moving home is not to pay estate agents commission. Now I’m not suggesting you use an agent and then refuse to pay, as this is going back on a contract which can land you in a lot of hot water. Instead, find a way to sell your home that doesn’t require you to pay commision in the first place.

In fact, there are two options for this, one being a private sale, while the other is to choose a 0% commission online estate agents that offer some guidance on how to sell your home. The latter being something that may be worth paying a small fee for, while still saving you a significant amount on the commission itself.

Save: Do the move yourself

When it comes to your moving day, it can be very tempting to get a professional company to come in and do all the heavy lifting for you. However, this is a service that can raise the cost of the move, after all, professional movers don’t come cheap.

Luckily, there is an alternative and its to do the whole move yourself. You may choose to do this entirely alone, but it’s often better to recruit some fit and healthy friends and family to help you.  Alternatively, you may wish to hire a man with a van at a much lower cost, that can assist you in getting the largest pieces across to the new house while you load the rest up in your car.

Make: Sell stuff before moving day

Now, if you are smart about things you can make sure there is less stuff to move come the big day by having a good clear out first. The other benefit of doing this is that you can sell unwanted items at the car boot or online and raise some extra cash. Something that you can squirrel away to help with the decorating cost you will encounter in your new home.

Save: Redecorate your new place in stages

Yes, when you move, it would be lovely to decorate the entire house in one go, so it’s perfect. However, this is not only a mammoth job but can cost a fortune as well, especially if you recruit professional decorators and building s to help you to complete it.  

Instead, to save money, it’s much more sensible to do the decoration of your new abode in stages following the advice you will find here.  Then you can manage it much more efficiently and ensure that you are saving money on any decorating work that does need to be done, once you have moved.


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