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A Quick and Cheap Way to Outfit the Whole Family For A Summer Party

A Quick and Cheap Way to Outfit the Whole Family For A Summer Party

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Who doesn’t look forward to the summertime? It’s the time for holidays, barbeques and making memories with family and friends. With all the party invitations it can become frustrating and expensive to dress the whole family for multiple events. There are some things you can do to keep the costs down this summer, so you can relax and avoid overspending.

Coordinate Your Kids

If your children are similar ages then it can be more affordable to coordinate their outfits. Instead of buying multiple outfits for each child, you can buy the same style of dress or pants and accessorise their looks with a different top or jacket.

Another easy trick that will help save you some money and ensure your family looks great is to buy the same outfit but in different colours or fabrics. Pick a dress or jumper in a different colour or variation, so your kids don’t feel like they’re too similar. This makes shopping for a party more economical since the clothes end up being the same price for each child. Buy their outfits from the same store as they will have a cohesive style and the clothes will be part of a collection.

Coordinating doesn’t necessarily mean matching. Your kids will surely complain if you dress them identically. Pick a colour scheme and try to stick to it. Avoiding patterns is usually for the best, so you don’t end up looking like there’s too much going on in your family photos.

Budget For The Summer

If you have multiple summer party invites, then set a budget so you don’t end up splurging. Plan how many outfits you’ll need to buy for your family and set a day or a weekend to do a big shop. It may be stressful but if you buy everything in one go you can keep an eye on what you’re spending. Sometimes your kids will convince you to buy them something they think they need, by already working out your budget you will be less likely to say yes to every request they make.

Hit The Summer Sales

High street stores and outlets usually start their sales around the spring, so that you can get your bargains before the summer starts. A lot of items will start going on sale around May. The earlier you start looking the better since the quality and range of sizes will decrease as the sales go one. The stores don’t re-stock most items, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Be wary though, as a lot of what goes on sale is reduced for a reason. The fit is usually bad or the material may be uncomfortable.  Make sure you try everything on that you plan to buy in the sale. It may be stressful to do this when there are long queues for the fitting rooms but it will save you having to come back and return things later.

Use Discount Vouchers

Finding the right outfit isn’t always easy but its worth it when you put on that dress that makes your confidence explode. We all know women’s clothing doesn’t come cheap, which can be off-putting. The key is finding ways to cut the costs without compromising on quality. Find discounts for reputable brands online, such as these phase eight promo codes at Plusvouchercode that will help you find the perfect outfit. Pick classic, timeless pieces that won’t go out of fashion, if you buy an entirely new summer wardrobe every year the charges on your card will add up.

Mix and match your looks by investing in a capsule summer wardrobe, which will save you money in the long run. Mix and match your outfits by buying a few staple pieces such as a pair of fitted trousers, a little white dress, and a few summer blouses. Find a pair of comfy sandals in nude or black to match with all your looks. Having interchangeable outfits will make it easier to coordinate with your family too, so you won’t have to buy a new outfit for every party.

When in Doubt Do It Yourself

Buying perfectly fitting clothing can be expensive since cheaper brands don’t usually produce clothes that fit well. Instead of turning to designer brands, pick up something chic on sale and take it to your local tailor for adjustments. Simple changes like dropping a hem or inserting darts can be fast and cheap. If you know how to use a sewing machine then try doing it yourself for the best results. It doesn’t mean making a whole outfit from scratch but learning how to make some minor adjustments can end up saving you money.

Sell, Swap And Share Clothes

Since your kids will outgrow their clothes year on year, the cost of continuously buying them new clothes will add up. Pass down their clothes to their younger siblings, It’s an age-old tradition but it works. No one will notice that your eldest child wore that particular dress two years ago, so it makes sense to save some key pieces for your younger children.

If you don’t have the storage space, then sell your kids old clothes at car boot sales or use one of the numerous apps and websites that specialise in second-hand clothing. You can put the money you make towards next summer’s outfits.

Maintaining a family can become expensive when you factor in everything from food to holidays. Save money for the things that matter by planning your family’s summer outfits in advance and coordinating them for big savings and great photos.

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