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Popular D2C Brands That You Might Want to Check Out

Popular D2C Brands That You Might Want to Check Out

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D2C refers to direct to consumer, and the industry has been growing steadily in recent years. The way the industry works is to produce the product itself and distribute the products through its channels. The popular channels can be on social media, e-commerce platforms, or a retail store. The benefits of D2C include:

  • Extra control over profits
  • Higher profits since there are no middlemen
  • More personalization in your product range
  • Access to targeted customer data

D2C has been influential in removing all the traditional barriers that prevent the producers from directly connecting with the customers. It has also helped cut out the middlemen, which results in lower costs and better experiences for your customers and your company. Here are popular D2C brands that you might want to check out:

Dollar Shave Club

The D2C sells razors, blades, and shaving cream directly to people using a subscription model. Before they entered the market, major brands such as Gillette controlled almost the entire market. The Dollar Shave Club offers the products at a lower cost since there are no supply chain costs and is more practical for those who shave regularly. The company can deliver the products to you regularly as per your shaving needs. Customers can save a pretty penny by using this model.


For a long time now, you have had to physically visit a mattress store and spend your time checking out the available options and finally picking the right one for you. It would also cost you a high price to buy a decent mattress, which resulted from an expensive supply chain and a sales structure based on commission. You also had to cater for the transportation costs from the store to your home. Casper completely changed the market. You can order a mattress and have it delivered to your door. You can find an in-depth comparison of popular D2C at A D2C business model ensures a great customer experience and offers significantly low costs.


The company uses a direct-to-customer approach in subsidizing the cost of the products without compromising the quality and sustainability of the products. Most of the clothing is made abroad since producing overseas is cheaper, and the required infrastructure is already in place. Everlane uses the most ethical and sustainable factories available. It can be more expensive to stick to such conditions. To cut down on the costs, the company has removed a significant chunk of the supply chain and cut down distribution costs as possible. The wholesale, retail, and distribution end up costing the customers a lot of money. Everyone can therefore sell their products at prices way lower than other competitors.


Chubbies sells swimming shorts and pants on the internet. The products are sold directly to the consumer without any third-party retailers or distributors. In addition to the significantly cheaper products, customers also enjoy free shipping to their homes. You can therefore save a significant amount when purchasing the products from Chubbies.


BarkBox aims to cut down the costs of owning a pet. You can give your pets the best possible products without necessarily breaking the bank. BarkBox helps pet owners cut down on costs and help save a lot of money in the process. Through their delivery service, you can have all the products you need to be delivered directly to your home. All you have to do is choose the size of your dog, the nutritional requirements, and select your delivery frequency. You are guaranteed high-quality products at a much lower price than the rest of the market prices. The business model eliminates third-party manufacturers and retailers and makes the products available at reasonable prices to the consumers.


AllBirds sells their products only on their website and a couple of their retail stores. The direct-to-customer model by not having a third-party retailer or wholesalers cuts down supply chain costs. Allbirds could then use the extra funds on the design, sourcing, and manufacturing of their shoes. The business model ensures greater customer satisfaction with high-quality shoes at affordable prices. The direct-to-customer approach goes against the established traditional model of shoe manufacturing. The company can therefore produce sustainable shoes made out of natural materials.

The direct-to-customer business model removes the costly intermediaries in the form of retailers and wholesalers. It allows the business to sell directly to customers through online platforms, social media, or retail stores. The approach ensures lower costs and a better customer experience. Cutting out the middlemen also provides more profits for the business. The business ensures both the customer and the company are happy at the end of the day.

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