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101 Indoor Activities For Kids

101 Indoor Activities For Kids

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Including things to inside ideas

It doesn’t matter if it’s the school holidays or rainy days, as parents we all need to find cheap things to do with the kids.

It could be because you need to work from home or money is tight. These 101 indoor kids ideas are great to keep the whole family amused.

If you are cooped up at home and unsure how to keep the kids amused then try these activities. There are a mix of craft, educational and games that cost very little.

Getting everyone moving is vital even when you are stuck inside. Don’t let the bad weather or any reason stop you and your family from moving around, even if it is indoors.

There are loads of great indoor children’s activities that can get them moving too. We added a few below but our top four favorites are:

Who can jump the highest – Pick a leader and see who can jump the highest?

Online exercise – YouTube is your friend. Find some kids easy to follow exercise classes.

Hippo rolls – Lay down next to each other. All roll at the same time then back.

Hula hoop – Have a hula hoop competition.

Having fun and keeping everyone distracted is key. Keep changing the games up every time someone starts to get distracted. This will help stop arguments and keep the day moving forward.

Don’t forget that’s it’s fine to use TV, electronics or pets as distractions at any time. Everyone needs downtime and there’s nothing wrong with giving it to the kids too if needed.

Indoor Activities For Families

If you are looking for educational online fun then have a look at:

Khan Academy – This is based on the US school grading system but a lot of it crosses over into our school system. It’s great if your kids are into maths or computing in general. 

TwinklWe love Twinkl. Great for work sheets and printables. They are currently offering a free month (correct from March 2020). It’s great for all ages and is split into year groups and subjects. Many schools use Twinkl for resources too so you may recognise a few pieces. 

Toy Theater – Great if your kids like to play games online. 

Oxford Owl for Home – If your kids love reading then this is the site for them. Download books or even read them for free as ebooks. They are split into reading levels and genre. 

Crash Course – YouTube videos on a range of educational subjects. Easily laid out and fun to watch.

Mystery Science – Free science lessons for kids.

BBC Learning – No longer updated but the resources on the site is amazing. Great for revision for Stats or GCSEs. 

Things To Do Inside

These 101 indoor activities are split into topics. All of them are cheap to do and can all be done inside. 


1. Make a lego rollercoaster

2. Make your own playdough

3. Build a fort

4. Write a story

5. Set up a pretend restaurant

6. Make your own dot to dot game

7. Play with magnets

8. Build an indoor obstacle course

9. Put on a show

10. Have a cinema day

11. Make your own ice cream

12. Write your own play

13. Have a pillow fight

14. Make a sensory bin

15. Make a hoop tray

16. Make fake snow

17. Make rainbow rice

18. Make a mud tray

19. Make your own slime

20. Make a lego park

21. Put on a fashion show

22. Do yoga

23. Build a card tower

24. Put on a puppet show

25. Make your own treasure map

26. Set up empty bottles and roll a ball to knock them over

27. Have a disco

28. Learn a new language

29. Draw each member of your family

30. Have an afternoon tea party

31. Play with water in a bowl

32. Set up a pretend shop

33. Make chocolate muffins

34. Play hot potato socks

35. Make a recycled model

36. Write a diary of all your activities

37. Write a letter and send it to a care home

38. Make up a dance routine

39. Have a spa afternoon

40. Make your own pizzas

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41. Make a reading challenge

42. Learn to knit

43. Letter matching ping pong balls

44. Play the alphabetical word game “apple, ball, cat, dog etc”

45. Hide spellings around the house

46. Learn about a new country

47. Hide clues to find a prize

48. Count the clouds

49. Write a quiz about your favorite topic

50. Shout out time tables randomly

51. Learn a new language

52. Write sums on a chalkboard

53. Learn to cook together

54. Play Uno

55. Research a topic and write about it

56. Lay outside and star watch

57. Make up fun riddles

58. Learn to play an instrument


59. Race paper airplanes

60. Play i-spy

61. Play guess who I am

62. Play Simon says

63. Play board games

64. Play hide and seek

65. Have an indoor scavenger hunt

66. Play image bingo

67. Play card games

68. Play a puzzle

69. Play charades

70. Play magical bumps

71. Make up your own board game

72. Play marbles

73. Play keep the ball up

74. Play hangman

75. Play duck duck goose

76. Make a marble run

77. Play blinds man bluff

78. Learn chess

79. Play bowls with golf balls

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80. Make paper airplanes

81. Paint rocks to hide

82. Make your own bookmark

83. Make paper boats

84. Finger paints

85. Make friendship bracelets

86. Make a bird feeder

87. Make your own puppets

88. Make something out of clay

89. Make a scrape book

90. Decorate a pillowcase or sheet

91. Make a time capsule

92. Make a picture with leaves

93. Make your own superhero mask

94. Make straw windmills

95. Paint bottles into rockets

96. Potato stamp

97. Make a chalk picture

98. Make a paint butterfly

99. Build a recycled castle or house

100. Make a picture with buttons

101. Make handprints

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