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How To Shop Smart And Save Cash

How To Shop Smart And Save Cash

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Everyone loves a bargain. But, when you go out and get your food shopping, are you really getting the great deal that you bargained for? 

If you’re coming home and you’ve spent more than you planned, and you always wonder where the money went, then the chances are that the great offers that supermarkets are throwing your way are not working out for you. 

Here are a few ways that you can get the best shop for your cash.


If you’re always spending up, then chances are you are either not budgeting effectively, or not budgeting at all. Having a clear idea of what you have to spend and what you need to buy will mean that you can go out and get what you need and bring home change. 

First, make a plan of all the meals that you and your family will eat during the period you are buying for. Plan meals around your schedule, so if you don’t have much time, you can have a meal that takes less time to prepare. Planning ahead also takes the headache out of deciding what to eat every day.

From this plan, make a list. Be strict and only include items that are needed for the meals you have planned. If you plan on picking up the items from the store, try and visualize the layout so that you can put the items you need in the order that you will find them at the supermarket. This will make your visit much less stressful.

When you shop, avoid picking up items that are not on your list. If you didn’t plan for them, you don’t need them and will likely be wasting your money.

Shopping Online

Supermarket shopping can be done without the stress if you do it from the comfort of your own home. Iceland online shopping offers the chance to pick your favorite items without having to push a trolley around. 

The added advantage here is that you can quickly look around for products on your shopping list without having to look at everything that you don’t need. If you are disciplined, you could end up spending much less. 

Doing The Sums

Supermarkets often lure us in with great offers on big brand products. They’re designed to attract our attention and make us spend more.  If you didn’t come in for that product, ask yourself if you need it.

However, if you did come in for that product, check that the offer is worth your while. Often, offers are built with the intention of you spending more and buying more than you need. If you’re considering a multi-buy, make sure it’s going in your favor. You might find it better not to purchase multiple items and pay the regular price if you’re going to end up wasting food. 

Alternatively, consider own brand products as they can be cheaper than the branded versions, with very little difference in the quality or taste. In some cases, these are actually identical products.

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