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How to Get a Free Holiday

How to Get a Free Holiday

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7 Ways You Could Get a Free Holiday

Yes, it’s free!

We all need a break from time to time but that’s not easy if you’re struggling with money. Even a holiday here, in the UK or a package holiday can cost a few hundred pounds that you just don’t have.

You can still make amazing memories with your children while spending very little on a holiday away.

Try something different this year and explore the UK for less than you think!

Staying away from long haul flights during half term could save you hundreds of pounds. That’s without the added costs of food, travel insurance and spending money when you want to go out and explore this new country.

If your budget just isn’t going to stretch this year then please don’t despair. There are loads of ways you can get a free holiday so you and your family can still enjoy some time away with each other.

Whatever the reason, spending time together as a family can do you all good and get you out of the normal day to day rut that we all find ourselves in.

If you are struggling financially then please get home. Read more here about how you can get help with food if you need it. 

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Free Holiday’s for families who need help

If you’re struggling financially then have a look at YHA. They offer funded programs for families who would love to take their family on holiday but who live in financial hardship.

The thing we love about YHA is is that they really understand the importance of family time and how taking children away can really open their eyes to new experiences.

YHA offers families the chance of real adventure and fun. Accommodation can be provided throughout the country with a range of activities including water sports, climbing, and cycling.

Most of their accommodation is situated near public transport or easy to reach towns with loads of free things to do while you are there.

Keep reading below for our favourite free things to do with the kids which work in every town or city you are in throughout the UK.

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Winning free holidays

You can win so much when entering competitions and one is a free holiday.

Anything goes from package holidays or cheap flights to all-inclusive holidays.

It’s true that winning is luck of the draw but if you don’t enter then you can’t win.

Have a look at:

1. The Telegraph competition page

2. Money Saving Expert Forum

3. Super Lucky Di

Make sure you are only entering free competitions. Set up a free Gmail account to handle all the spam as well.

Use any loyalty points you have

If you buy anything online then make sure you use cashback sites. It’s a great way to make extra money online.

Out favourite cash back sites are OhMyDosh because they make it easy to get to the payout threshold.

If you haven’t used OhMyDosh* before then use our link here to get £1 added free to your account.

Volunteer and go places for free

This is a chance for your family to give something back while enjoying a free holiday.

Some might ask for a donation but there are loads of non-profits that don’t. They reward you for your help with room and board giving you the chance to explore that country once you are done.

It’s a great way to meet new people while learning about the local culture.

Our top five are:

1. My Cause UK – They offer a great range of free tickets to huge events for your help on the day. This could be anything from being a marshal to a litter picker. You get food and drink included plus plenty of time to enjoy the acts themselves. The maximum shift time if seven hours with a break.

2. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms – They operate in over 50 counties and offer stays from one week till you want to leave. Food and bed are offered in exchange for working on the farm. Anyone can apply as the jobs range in manual labor so please don’t be put off.

3. TCV – Is a British firm that offers you short term placements for helping them protect the environment.

4. Appalachian Trail Conference – This is based in the US. They offer basic food and board for help with looking after endangered species.

5. Projects Abroad – A hassle-free family run business that gives your family a way to give back while enjoying the country you are in. Roles include childcare, coaching or conservation work.

Camping for free

Now you can’t camp just anywhere in England but in Scotland, you can. There are loads of great Lochs that you and your family can enjoy for free.

In England have a look at Dartmoor. You can only stay for two nights but it offers you the great outdoors closer to home.

If all else fails then why not camp in your garden or even inside in the living room for a night? The kids will love to sleep somewhere different. Nothing is stopping you from heating up some marshmallows over the gas or the BBQ and really making a night of it.

Try a Bothies

If you don’t like the idea of camping then have a look at the Mountains Bothies Association.

They offer free accommodation to whoever needs for travelers who want to explore the local area. It is basic. Most of the accommodation are old cottages and can be very isolated so be prepared for a hike to the nearest shop.

You can’t book a Bothie as anyone can use them so you may have to share if someone else comes along. Bring a tent just in case especially if the kids are young and you need that extra bit of privacy.

Like camping, you will need to bring items to cook with like a stove and there’s not normally a working toilet.

House swap

This may seem like a crazy idea but it’s quite possible that your friends are feeling the same as you and need a break somewhere different.

House swap and enjoy someone else’s view for a while.

It means the kids get to play with different toys and you get to experience somewhere a little different even if it’s just in the next town over.

While you are there, choose some of these free activities that the whole family can do. They entertain and are free!

1. Find your nearest stake park for a scoot or skate. Most are near a play park for the younger kids too.

2. If you’re near the coast then start picking up rocks. On a rainy day paint them then hide them. Most local areas have Facebook pages that you can join and post when you’ve hidden or found the rocks.

3. Visit the local library. Many community libraries offer crafts or puzzle hours. These are a great way to spend time together for free!

4. Visit your local fire station. Call to check first as some have opening times but most offer free tours explaining what they do and how the station works.

5. Make a music video with your phone.

6. Have a scavenger hunt by writing out ten to fifteen things that everyone should see. Then go out and try and find them.

7. Visit a local museum. Many are free to visit!

8. Visit as many playgrounds as you can.

9. Write letters or a diary entry about everything you’ve done that day. That way the kids will remember and it’s something you can all look back on.

10. Visit as many historical sites as you can.

11. Have your own spa day. Fill out a bucket with warm water. Put cucumber in a cup and then paint each other nails.

Laura x

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