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How To Choose The Right Coffee Grinder For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Coffee Grinder For Your Home

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Coffee grinders are one of the most important parts of making a fantastic cup of coffee. While it may seem like any grinder should do the trick, there are many factors to take into account when choosing which coffee grinder is right for you. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of coffee grinds, what each provides in terms of flavour, and how to choose your preferred type or style!

The Types

The first thing is to know your options. There are industrial, drip, and espresso grinders; they are three of the basic types of coffee grinders out there for you to choose from.

Industrial grinders are very large and designed for use by restaurants, cafes, and small businesses where the demand for coffee is high. It’s important to remember that size does not necessarily mean better; industrial-style grinders may be large and powerful but it doesn’t mean they will produce a fine enough ground for your espresso or drip brewer.

Drip grinders vary in size and power; these machines range from larger grinding units at home with adjustable settings to smaller portable ones that can sit on your worktop while only requiring one hand to operate (perfect for those who like things compact but without compromising too much quality).

Espresso grinders provide an extremely fine grind which is perfect for espresso brewers as this type of machine uses pressure to push the hot water through. These grinds will clog up your filter, so for best results use a separate filter with fine mesh on it designed to catch any residue from this type of ground coffee.


If affordability is key, drip-style grinders are often cheaper than their industrial counterparts because they don’t require as much power to run. Don’t make the mistake of thinking cheaper means less quality; there are many fantastic grinding units on the market offering great value for money and plenty of features!


The type of taste you are looking for in your coffee is the main factor when deciding what kind of grinder will suit you best. A fine grind in an espresso machine will be very strong in comparison to a drip brewer so if you enjoy one over the other it may be worth having two separate grinders or choosing a suitable option so that you can still get all the caffeine goodness! Freshness is important when looking at grinding units, as having ground coffee sitting on a shelf waiting to be used will lose some of its flavor and impact.


What type of beans you use will also help determine the best grinder for you; different types of coffee beans require different grind sizes to get the most out of your drink. A darker roast such as espresso or French press is harder than a lighter one such as drip, so if you enjoy a particular flavor profile it may be helpful to think about which style of the machine will provide this outcome when looking at grinders.

If you’re not sure what kind of ground size is needed, ask your local supplier (coffee shop or supermarket) and they should be able to give advice on how fine or coarse you want your ground! They may even be able to offer certain suggestions based on their own knowledge and experience.


Drip grinders are often very portable and can sit on top of your worktop or kitchen surface while being used. Manual grinders are also perfect for those who like things small as they take up hardly any space at all! The main factor when determining size is whether you want your machine to sit out on display or if you want something portable that can fit away neatly in a cupboard somewhere.

 If you need something small and compact, a manual grinder is perfect as it takes up hardly any space and can be used anywhere.


When looking at power, drip grinders will often fall short of the amount of power given out by an espresso or burr grinder; this doesn’t mean that they won’t give you different options for your grinding speed though! Look out for units that offer both coarse and fine grinding to help cater for all preferences as well as push-button controls such as pulse to help you control how fine your ground is.

If you want something powerful and fast, choose an industrial type of grinder that has been built with high levels of precision so it can handle anything from coffee beans to nuts and spices; the more powerful models can grind up to 350g of coffee beans in just one minute!

As with any decision involving your coffee, choosing the right grinder is all about what you like to drink and whether or not it can help make your favorite drinks even better. If you enjoy cappuccinos, espressos, and Turkish coffees, an espresso machine may be great for you; if you’re in need of something small that will take up hardly any room in your kitchen then a manual unit could be perfect! It’s always best to try out different grinders before making a purchase but knowing what type suits you best will help narrow down your choices so finding the right one is easier than ever.

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