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Here’s How You Can Save Money on Christmas Presents this Festive Season

Here’s How You Can Save Money on Christmas Presents this Festive Season

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Times were easier when you were a little kid, and believed that all Christmas presents came from the North Pole, were made by elves, and cost nothing, right? Unfortunately as we get older, it becomes all the more apparent how pricy Christmas can be, and that gifts tend to be what takes up the vast majority of our cashflow in the months leading up to the big day. But is it really necessary to spend up on gifts? So many families in the UK will end up in January debt from overspending this Christmas, so here are some ideas to help you to save money on buying Christmas presents this festive season.

Buy them in Advance

We’ve all got one friend who has the entirety of the Christmas shopping done by early November, don’t we? We might laugh at them and think they’re crazy, but actually in terms of money saving, they’ve got the right idea.

A lot of people panic buy when they’re running low on cash, and end up having to search for easy payday loans online at Personal Money Network. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing a little – so long as you can afford to, and do pay it back – but when you’re trying to save on gifts, the earlier you start shopping, the less likely you are to have to panic buy. After all, no one wants to be running around on Christmas Eve like a headless turkey, do they?

Buying your presents months before the season begins enables you to shop around for the best deals, so you end up spending a lot less than you do at the last minute. Plus you’ll be able to sit on Christmas Eve with your feet up, a brandy in hand, and nothing to worry about. Bliss!

Focus on the Kids

If you’re in a family that’s filled with little ones, make a pact with the other adults to make Christmas about them this year. You’ll be surprised at how much you could save by buying for the young ones and nobody else.

After all, Christmas really is about the kids, isn’t it? It’s lovely for everybody, but thinking back to being little, it really is the most magical time of the year.

Instead of doing gifts with the other adults – come to an agreement about the Christmas spread! Everyone can either bring a couple of dishes, a bottle or two of wine, or even the dessert. This way you’ll save money on both fronts. Winner, winner, Christmas dinner!

Go Homemade

If you’re a creative type, and know your family will love a sentimental gift, then why not try going homemade this year?

Because of the trend of upcycling being rife, the number of online tutorials for homemade gift making is more than ever before.

Whatever your skills are, put them to the test! If baking is your thing, then homemade Christmas cookies in some lovely wrapping can’t go amiss – or if you fancy trying your dab hand at knitting, it’s certainly the right season for woolly scarves. Think outside of the box, and look at the money you can save.

Make a List

There’s a reason why Santa Claus infamously makes a list, and checks it twice. List making is one of the key elements of organisation, and as we’ve already stated – organisation helps us to save on cash.

If you make a list of presents you need to buy – and stick to it – you’re far less likely to buy unnecessarily than if you go into the shop blind. It’s so easy to think “so and so would love that!” and pick it up anyway – but do try and resist the temptation. If you see something you think they’d prefer in a similar price range, then by all means replace the original idea, but don’t buy it as well as. That defeats the point entirely.


Suggest Doing a Secret Santa

Last of all but by no means least, why not suggest doing a secret Santa?

It doesn’t matter if it’s among friends, or even family – secret Santa could be the solution to overspending this Christmas. The great thing about it is there’s always a spending limit, you only have to buy for one person, and nobody misses out! Plus, it’s a lovely tradition that can be enjoyed by all. There’s nothing more fun than getting together, exchanging gifts from “Santa” and feeling no pressure to impress. After all, isn’t having a good time with loved ones what Christmas is all about?

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