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4 Exciting And Fun Ways To Use Confetti Cannons

4 Exciting And Fun Ways To Use Confetti Cannons

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Confetti cannons have become popular in recent years and are a huge amount of fun – bringing a little bit of an extra bang to a party. Here are a number of fun ways to use them.

  1. The Magical Music Event Singalong

The audience is already standing up and singing along. The people are completely immersed and involved with the beats. The band is also on top form and is belting out one of those favorite tracks that everybody loves. As a guitar solo starts to echo across the room, massive confetti fountains spray out from either side of this stage, bursting up into the air and then gently floating down onto the crowd. The sight is breath-taking, as the spot-lights and the stage reflect off a confetti blizzard that for a while appears to magically hang in the sky.

The screams from the crowd reach a fever pitch, just as the song is just about to end, while the confetti gradually starts settling over the audience, the band, and the stage. Cameras start to flash while deafening applause fills the room or sky. The singer of the band covered in confetti thanks the crowd for being there and forming a part of this memorable occasion.

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  1. The Remote-Firing Confetti Cannon Surprise

This the ideal launcher for the events where your guests are seated around a few tables. Our Battery-Powered Wireless Tabletop Confetti Launchers are perfect for these occasions. You can position these devices in a discreet way in between the rest of your decorations, and the cannon usually goes unnoticed, until you have decided to wow and surprise your guests when you remotely trigger the launchers that will shower all your guests in confetti. These unique miniature launchers can be one of the best ways to initiate that perfect moment that will prompt cheers and spontaneous applause from all your guests.

It is important to keep the surprise a secret, so try to resist any temptations to test the cannons too early for your occasion. Rather keep it for the ideal moment that you would like your guests to remember as the very best part of this particular celebration.

Here are a few fantastic ways our clients have used our Wireless Tabletop Confetti Launchers:

  • At one of the charity auctions, once the overall bidding price had broken the target price for that evening. The emcee made his announcement on the money that was raised, and the guests were surprised and delighted when they were showered by confetti.
  • At one of the local talent shows, bright and colorful confetti went off from each table directly after they named the winner.
  • At a wedding at the reception when the best man had just concluded an emotional and heart-warming speech.
  • At an evening for a business awards ceremony, the table for the company that was the winners was known about in advance. The tabletop wireless confetti launchers had been programmed to go off in a sequence. It started with the winner table, and then the other launchers at all the other tables went off as everyone started to applaud.
  1. The Indoor Fireworks Display

Today it is no longer possible to allow fireworks to go off at your venue along with the strict laws that continue to increase surrounding safety and health. In fact, even the “stage” fireworks that are supposedly safe have in many areas also been banned from partially enclosed and indoor venues. Indoor fireworks are the answer.

  1. The Grand Entrance

To use this innovative trick you will need 2 helpers along with a few strategically placed hanging curtains or plants. Provide each of your helpers with a handheld and loaded confetti launcher like our Master Blaster Co2 Powered Cannon, and ask them to stand discreetly on each side of your entranceway.

You are now ready for that show-stopping entrance. Whether it happens to be a birthday party, a wedding, a homecoming, or even a celebration for a winning sports team, the possibilities are truly endless. As the people or the person steps into the room, the guests will start applauding and cheering, and at this exact moment, the helpers will appear magically from each side sending a magical confetti fountain up into the air just above the person or people that have just arrived.

This offers fantastic photo opportunities and a way to catch natural smiles, as this trick is guaranteed to get your guests smiling. Ensure that you have one or more people ready with cameras to catch this magical moment. For the person or people that are about to be honored along with the guests invited to celebrate this moment, the experience is made even more wonderful and enjoyable by an unexpected and surprising blast of confetti.

Below are some easy ways to deploy these range-topping and big-hitting confetti launchers to ensure that every person at your event will remember for a long time to come:

  • At sports venues as the team that has won lines up to start receiving their medals.
  • To promote a new corporate brand or color scheme at a company event.
  • As a key-note speech comes to an end, or at a political rally.
  • The best way to end off a musical event on a high note.
  • At New Year’s celebrations at the exact time when midnight strikes.
  • To accompany an unveiling of a new and hotly-anticipated car.

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