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Games for Savvy Mothers

<strong>Games for Savvy Mothers</strong>

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Sometimes it might seem like being a mum takes up all of your time and money. Even the busiest mother should be able to find some moments each day to have fun and live her best life though.

Whether it is with the little ones in tow or on your own, having fun is crucial to avoid burnout. One of the most popular ways to unwind in the modern era is by playing games.

There are games out there that are ideally suited to mothers seeking a way of relaxing after a long day; you just need to find them. Here are five games perfect for all the savvy fun loving mums in the world.


This can be played at a bingo hall or online depending on whether you want a night out or prefer to play at home in your pyjamas. Online bingo is particularly popular among tired mums who want a little excitement combined with comfort and convenience.

It doesn’t matter if you have never played bingo before. Most online sites provide tips and secrets to winning at bingo alongside the actual games, which can help both starters and more experienced players.

Bingo is a fast moving and colourful game to play and offers you the chance to meet new friends. Almost all of the online bingo sites feature chat room areas where you can introduce yourself and get advice from longstanding players.

Another reason savvy mothers love bingo is that it can potentially help you win some extra cash. There is never a point at which a bit of additional money is not useful.

Candy Crush Saga

This is a mobile game that has proven to be one of the most enduring on the market. Originally launched a decade ago, Candy Crush Saga is as popular in 2022 as ever.

That is because it is a cheerful game that is easy for anyone to learn to play and yet almost impossible to stop playing when you start. It is all about grids filled with different coloured tiles in the shape of candies.

You have to shift these around the grid to create matching lines and rows of candies. The longer the line, the more points you will score.

There are several levels to progress through during the game-play, with each being a bit more difficult than the one before. Mums often find themselves comparing their scores from each session, trying to beat their friends.

It is mostly free to download and play, although there are some in-game purchases needed. It is an ideal game for short breaks in the day – which is all that most mums have!

Fruit Ninja

The oddly named Fruit Ninja is another game designed for mobile phones that has taken off among mums everywhere. The simple play is all about having to cut pieces of fruit up that are flying through the air, by swiping the touch screen of your phone.

Be careful though, because amongst the fruit there are also bombs. If you slice one of those by accident, it is game over. Fruit Ninja has been around even longer than Candy Crush Saga, but now has a big audience of mothers.

It is really fun to play and tests your ability to swipe quickly and accurately. This makes it a perfect ridiculous way of unwinding from the stresses of everyday parenting.

Monument Valley

Not every great game is about quick fire excitement, there are slower puzzle games that make for an absorbing form of relaxation. One of the very best of them is Monument Valley.

This is a sophisticated game where the player must move main character Princess Ida through a maze-like digital landscape of optical illusions. This landscape has to be manipulated using the game controls to unlock hidden passages so that Ida can work through it to the end.

Monument Valley can be played as a PC or mobile game and it has earned rave reviews for its surreal and colourful graphics and intriguing play.

You can lose yourself in it during moments alone, but it does not feature any violent or otherwise inappropriate graphics. So if your children walk in midway through it will not matter.

Pokémon Go

This is one that you can play by yourself or in the company of your family if you prefer. Pokémon Go will get you out of the house and into the fresh air to have some fun at the nearest park or other green space to your home.

It possesses a built-in augmented reality feature that lets you blur the digital world of the game and your reality, looking for Pokémon run wild in the park. That will make it the ideal game for mums to let off some steam with their children on days when the weather is nice.

This game has become a phenomenon, like all of the others in the Pokémon franchise. The augmented reality aspect gives it something different and will make your kids feel like they are in a magical world of exploration where game and reality are mixing together.

It is available for download to smartphones and is well worth adding to your phone.

These are five games that any savvy mother should have in the home ready for the next fun time. Each one has quirky and engaging game play that can be picked up easily.

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