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6 Fun and Affordable Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

6 Fun and Affordable Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

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Isn’t it weird that we are made to have kids and yet many people do not have a clue how to raise them? For thousands of years that we have developed consciousness, why do parents not know how to treat their kids? Even now during the golden age of information, people still do not know how to treat them. This is a big problem because our children represent our future and someone must break the cycle.

The elderly always complain about the new generations, yet they are the ones who raised them. So, whose fault is it that mental health problems alongside environmental problems are on the rise? This is a much bigger question, for now, so let’s focus on something you can do to make children happy here. Here are 6 fun and affordable activities that you can do with your kids to show them that you care.

1.   Kayaking

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means—water sports. Water sports are always a great activity for both adults and children. Kayaking is an especially fun and engaging activity that everyone should try out. It is a great combination of exploring the waters and getting some physical activity in there.  The health benefits and fun you can get from something so simple as mastering the kayak is something you do not want to miss.

When it comes to kayaking, people tend to believe that it is a water sport for people with money. There are some high-end kayaks, but many of them are quite affordable. Hence, choosing the best kayak for your kids without wasting a fortune on it is possible. A kayak will also serve you for quite some time and the kids may find their passion in this exciting water sport. Learning the basics is simple, mastering the kayak is a journey on its own.

2.   Fitness

Doing a bit of fitness is always cheap and great for your body. Compared to kayaking, you do not need as much equipment, but for some, it may be more boring. Kids should not work out too much, it can ruin their natural growth. This does not mean that they should never move around, because that is even worse. More and more kids are left playing with their phones due to parents’ incompetence as parents.

This is why having some fitness activities every once in a while is pretty important for developing children. This can be just some simple stretching and warming up after sitting for too long. It can also include going out for a walk or some running, but not too much. Bicycle rides are also great and many kids like them. This is an especially healthier alternative to the popular hoverboard where the child’s brain and muscles are turned off.

3.   Learning something new

Learning something new does not equate to studying more. This can range from learning a new skill to learning some new fun facts. The key thing you should do is to make it exciting and applicable to the real world.

The reason why kids do not like learning math is that, in many cases, it is not applicable. But, if you start with some chemistry and show them a few experiments, they will be bedazzled. You can also teach them something interesting like juggling or card tricks.

4.   Cooking together

Cooking is something you do every single day, so why not show it to your kids? You do not need to cook something gourmet to catch their eyes, just do something simple. This is another skill that the kids will enjoy because it is quite applicable and entertaining.  Of course, leaving kids to cook all by themselves can be dangerous.

This is why you need to supervise what they are doing, but do not treat kids like they are stupid. They can be your young assistant doing very important work only they can do. You do not need to stand above their heads and constantly nag about what to do. Even if they make a mistake, that is perfectly fine, just laugh about it and do not make it stressful.

5.   Small hike

Going out into nature is always exciting, there is so much to see out there. Some kids can be scared of bugs and other animals in the wild. This is the perfect chance to show them there is nothing to be scared of out there. Do not pressure them into doing this unless they want to, but encourage them in a brave matter.

Just make sure that the route is safe and that it is not too exhausting for the kids. You can turn this into a sort of adventure, a fairy tale quest. By making an interesting narrative along the way, you are bound to catch the kids’ attention.

6.   Make a movie

You do not need a fancy camera to make a movie,  just grab a phone and start recording. This can be a fun little project that will put your creativity to the test. No matter if it is a good movie or a bad movie, it will be pretty entertaining.

This is something you can combine with any of the previous activities to maximize the fun. By recording all of this you will be saving precious memories with your kids. You can always look back to these movies and everyone will watch them dearly.

These are just some of the activities that you can do with your kids if you are out of money. Money can only buy happiness if you know that monetary values are not equal to true happiness. With these at a first glance, simple activities, you can achieve so much more than with activities that require more money. Money is pretty useless if you do not know how to spend it and many people do not know how to use it.

These activities were picked on that parameter, besides being fun they are also engaging in the long term. Every one of them requires children to use their developing brains in a healthy and fun manner. With that, they get to enjoy themselves and develop mentally. Besides that, all of you will be making fond memories that will last forever with these 6 fun activities.

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