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4 Easy Upcycling Projects For Your Home

4 Easy Upcycling Projects For Your Home

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If you’re on a tight budget, keeping your home looking stylish can be a challenge, with the cost of living going up decorating and designing isn’t a big priority for many families.

But there are ways you can give your home a stylish new look without breaking into any piggy banks, by using things that you already have at home and giving them a new look or purpose. This is called upcycling or creative reuse, which is a cheap way to decorate your home. So, we’ve gathered four excellent and easy upcycling projects you can do at home to give your house a new look!

Make Personalised Plant Post From Almost Anything!

Let’s start off with an open-ended project: making plant pots. This is a project that is fun for the family, easy to do and most importantly cheap as chips! All you’ll need is a container to use as a pot and some paint to decorate it.

For your containers, you can use lots of household items like: old coffee jars, empty drinks cans, empty mason jars or a bucket. Once you have your container you just need to paint it to make it look nice, then simply fill with soil and put a plant inside!

Give Your Window Blinds A New Lease Of Life With New Slats!

If you have old blinds in your home, that are starting to show their age you don’t need to outright replace the whole blind. Even when the fabric deteriorates, the hardware of the blind usually still works perfectly fine!

So, instead of buying a new blind, you can simply replace the fabric on the blind with blind replacement slats. Simply but the replacement fabric, then remove the tatty old fabric from the blind & put your new fabric in its place to give your blinds a new lease of life.

Create A Bistro Style Dining Room With Wine Bottle Candles!

If you want to class up your dining room, you don’t need to spend lots of money redecorating and giving it a new look. Just some simple additions should add some atmosphere to your dining room and give it a classier feel.

You can create a bistro feeling in your dining room quite simply, with some traditional wine bottle candles. All you need is a long, thin candle and an old wine bottle, simply secure the candle in the mouth of the bottle and place it on your dining table for a European bistro feel at home.

Give Wooden Furniture A New Look With A Coat Of Paint!

If you have wooden furniture in your home that is looking worse for wear, you needn’t get rid of it. By simply giving your wooden furniture some TLC, you can bring them back to life and make them look as good as new!

Just go to your local hardware store and look for some wood paint or wood varnish in a colour you like. Once you have your paint or varnish, give your wooden furniture a light sanding and slap on a coat or two of paint and your wooden furniture should look like an entirely new piece of furniture.

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