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Cheap Contact Lenses: Here’s How to Halve Your Annual Lenses Cost

Cheap Contact Lenses: Here’s How to Halve Your Annual Lenses Cost

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It can be eye-watering how much contact lenses cost every year, but by doing a few simple things, you can slash your annual bill.

This is all about getting your lenses, made by the same company for a much lower cost.

Buy your Contacts Online to Slash Costs

You can save hundreds of pounds by buying your contact lenses online.   Just like toys, or DVDs, you can buy the same lenses through a range of different sellers.

Most online sellers bulk buy, and sell from warehouses and can easily undercut the high street brands.

You are fully in your right to ask for a copy of your prescription and go find somewhere cheaper. Just because you’ve had your eyes tested somewhere, doesn’t mean that you have to buy from them.

Voucher Codes

It’s always worth having a look around for codes or discounts online. For example, at Vision Direct, you get next day delivery and 10% off your first order with the code SURPRISE (plus free postage when you spend over £49.)

Some of the deals won’t suit you, and change regularly, but checking back every month or so could help keep more money in your pocket.

Shop Around

Google it. Check the cheapest are legit and go for it. Some of the big retailers sell them online too.

The range in prices for contact lenses can vary, with the same brand costing much more depending on where and the quantity you purchase.

Here’s how to halve your annual contact lenses bill and reduce what you spend by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums. #BudgetForMums #ContactLense #SavingMoney

Bulk Buy

Bulk-buying contact lenses can make a huge difference in cost. So a 12-month supply will often be cheaper than a six-month supply.

Own Brand Lenses

Even if you currently buy own brand lenses, you can still save. Many well known high street brands sell to other manufacturers but change the branding.

This means you can still buy your favorite lenses, but they’ll just be packaged with a different name. It does sound strange, but in this case, it may be cheaper to go FROM a high street brand TO a manufacturers brand. (I feel weird just typing it.)

Use this chart to decode the named brand vs the own brand.

Buying Monthly

Often, buying a monthly package includes lenses, solution and aftercare appointments in one fee. It can be good value but could be beaten by buying your lenses online and paying for aftercare separately, so it’s always worth a check.

It’s a balancing act, as many high street opticians offer money off deals and free eye checks, so sometimes these extras are more cost-effective.

Ask for your prescription

No legit online retailer will sell you lenses without checking your prescription or seeing the original first, and it must be dated within the last year.

Normally, they’ll only send out lenses you’ve been fitted for, but if you’re are shipping from overseas, be aware that you have far less protection if something goes wrong, compared to buying lenses from inside the UK.

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Regular check-ups

When you’re buying online, aftercare is really important. Book a follow-up appointment with a contact lens practitioner, who will check the general health of your eyes and make sure the lenses are still right for you.

If you do decide to buy your lenses online, then you will have to pay for aftercare, but the saving from the lenses should outweigh this. I had a look around and was offered a checkup from anywhere between £20 and £40.

Remember, if you do notice a change in your vision though, stop using your lenses and visit an optometrist straight away, whatever the cost!

How do you buy contact lenses and make sure you get the best deal?

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