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The Best Teachers Thank You Gifts

The Best Teachers Thank You Gifts

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Including personalised gifts for teachers

It’s that time of year again when you feel like you need to show your love to your kid’s teacher for all the amazing things they’ve had to put up with this year.

Trying to find a teacher gift that doesn’t break the bank isn’t easy. It’s hard to know how much to spend and what to buy someone who you don’t really know.

Teacher appreciation gifts have become big business. It’s more important than ever to show your teacher some love while keeping the cost of the present down.

Whatever you are looking for, from a leaving gift to a birthday gift, we have the best selection of personalised teacher gifts for you.

We all find buying gifts hard though at the best of times, and as a thrifty mum, you don’t want to be spending more than you have to, but still want to give a useful gift.

So here’s our complete teacher’s gift guide you could use for your kid’s teacher, that will say thank you but won’t have them rolling their eyes and heading straight for the bin!

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Teachers gift Ideas

We’ve split these into sections depending on what you are looking for. Please use our menu above if you prefer to jump to a certain idea.

Personalised teacher gifts

We’ve listed the best personalised teacher gifts that you can buy. These really say thank you but don’t break the bank.

Personalised notebook

Who doesn’t love a notebook?! This Teacher NoteBook* is completely custom printed so you can have whatever you want on the cover. Inside is plain so that they can use it as much as they like.

This is a cute Ocean themed notepad* that comes in loads of themes and colours. It even comes in loads of different sizes depending on what you think they would use. You could pair this with a personalised pen* that comes in different colours.

Teacher personalised tote bag

Teacher tote bags are a really useful gift that your teacher can use over and over again. We love this Personalised mini jute bag* as it comes with a range of colours and is big enough for your teacher to use day to day.

This Shopper Shoulder Bag* is a great muti-use tool. You can have your teacher’s name printed on it and the words are in an apple shape.

This Canvas Tote Bag* is a really deep and great for your teacher who needs extra room. You can personalise it as much as you want to make it truly unique.

Personalised prints

Personalised prints are a great way to show your teacher that you really appreciate all the work they have done. We love the Puzzle Piece frame* that can have your child’s name added to the bottom. It’s really cute and something that they can keep forever.

If you are looking for something smaller then have a look at this A5 star personalised frame*. You can add your teacher’s name and your child’s name to say thank you.

If you are looking for something smaller then have a look at this Clear Acrylic Block Keepsake*. It comes with a cute bag and can be personalised with the teacher’s name.

How about a photo booth? Have a look at Showtime Photo Booth which will offer your teacher something fun to do with their friends.

Teacher mug

A teacher’s mug is the classic teacher’s gift! We love this Keep Calm and Pretend it’s on the Lesson Plan mug* that is funny and cute at the same time. It’s dishwasher safe so great for the staff room too.

This End of Term Teacher’s Wine Glass* is a tongue-in-cheek teacher’s gift. It’s crystal clear and is gift boxed.

This Thank You Coffee Mug can be personalised with your child’s name on it*. It can survive the dishwasher and is a great way to show your love with something that your teacher may actually use.

Other personalised teacher gifts

If you are looking for something a bit different then what about this personalised bookmark*. It’s stainless steel and comes in a cute little gift bag.

This Teacher Bottle Opener* is a great way to show your love for your teacher. The wooden handle has a great grip and the writing can be as personal as you like.

Other school gift ideas

You may feel like some of these are a bit out there but these give you other ideas that you can use depending on what your teacher is like and what the rest of the class are doing.


Get together with the other parents and organize a whip-round. Doesn’t have to be much, a fiver each is more than enough.

The teacher and TAs would much prefer a meal out with drinks with the money than another dust collector.

Making a personalized hamper is another great idea. Flowers, perfume, wine, and chocolates all included. Anything leftover could go on a shopping voucher.

Staff room essentials is another one. Give them the money to stock up on loads of yummy food and drink for the next school year ahead. Cakes, tea, coffee, sweets, anything like that is good when you’ve had to teach 30 Year R kids all year!

Just buy one card too, and get some custom stickers. Throughout the last few weeks, get all the kids to sign their names on the stickers so you can place them nicely on the card. Stops the card going missing for one, and someone taking up all the space!

Chocolate bars

I have one word for you; Poundshop. They sell all kinds of high street brands at half the cost. If you have a lot of teachers and TAs to buy for, then a box of Maltseasers each would do it.  Anything sweet, that doesn’t take up room is good!

Another place you probably haven’t looked at is Amazon. They sell Cadbury Milk Tray for under £2.50. The same goes for Roses and Heroes.

Loads of the sharing bags are a pound too, so if you want to make a sweet treat hamper, then Amazon is the place to be.

Gift box items

I’ve covered food, but what about funky pens or a notebook? Things that take up hardly any space and can be thrown away once used.

Finding fun pens or novelty pens cheap is easy. Ebay or Amazon are my go too, where I can normally pick them up for around 5 pens for a pound.

Make a little gift box with these items and then get the kids to make their own gift wrap.


Tubs are ok, but if all 30 kids did this, the teacher might put B&Q out of business. How about a nice bunch from your local florist at Bouqs Co., where you could pick and choose what you think the teacher would like?

That way it’s personable but cheap, and takes up no room at all.


Let’s be honest, this is probably the top of most teachers “most wanted” list.

Aldi or Lidl is a great place to buy wine and spirits.

Aldi especially have a great range of white, red, rose and bubbles to pick from, most if not all coming in at a fiver or under. (I can recommend their Prosecco by the way!)

Card with a Heart Filled Message

This is probably the most memorable gift you can give a teacher.

Write down all the reasons why you’re thankful to them. Many will just see it as part of their job, but going above and beyond, and being thanked for it can be really special.

It doesn’t have to be long, or complicated, just a simple “thank you so much for helping blah blah this year. Her reading has come on so far, and that’s all down to your hard work.”

Teachers are human too.

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A Hug or Handshake

Thank yous don’t have to come in money form. Just a simple “thank you for all your help this year” is enough for most teachers. They really don’t expect a gift (so Eleanor assures me) and generally just want the kids to be happy.

A simple hug and recognition of all their hard work is enough.

Do you buy your kid’s teachers gifts? How much do you spend? Do you feel pressured into it? Let us know in the comments below.

Laura x

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These are the best teachers thank you gifts that are affordable and tells your child's teacher that you are thinking of them by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums

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