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11 Best Ways for Throwing a Baby Shower on a Budget

11 Best Ways for Throwing a Baby Shower on a Budget

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Expecting a baby is one of the most wonderful anticipations in life. It is usually celebrated by gathering of Mom to Be’s friends and throwing a cute, memorable baby shower. A baby shower is a way to show support to the expecting mother in a physically and emotionally challenging time, as well as bringing unique gifts and necessary items for the newborn baby. Modern baby showers often involve a mix of traditional and contemporary elements. Guests bring gifts, play games, and enjoy refreshments. Themes are popular, as are activities like diaper decorating or guessing the baby’s due date. Here, we will give you tips on planning a baby shower on a budget, without compromising the wishes of the expecting mother and the quality of the event.

Planning a baby shower on a low budget checklist:Planning a baby shower can be a little expensive. Little things can add up and might result in crossing the budget limit. Organizing a baby shower can seem a bit excessive when money is tight. But we can assure you that if you’re resourceful, imaginative, and cooperative, hosting a charming, unforgettable party to honor the pregnant parents in your life won’t break the bank. Here are some tips that can help you save money while planning a baby shower on a tight budget.

Find a humble location:

To host a baby shower, you don’t have to book an expensive restaurant or a cafe to arrange the event. You can find a humble little outing and decorate it however you want. The best location you can find for a baby shower is your home. In addition to feeling warm and personal, home-based baby showers are frequently less stressful for expectant mothers, who may be exhausted by the notion of lugging their growing child to an elegant location and would much rather curl up on their mother-in-law’s or best friend’s couch. 

If home is not an option and the weather is cooperating, having a picnic at a nearby park may also be an option; just remember to pack umbrellas or have a backup plan.

Choose a theme For Baby Shower:

Choosing a theme for a baby shower is not mandatory but if you have a tight budget, choosing a theme might help save you money. The theme can be used for invitations and decorations for the baby shower, as well as for every part of the day! The theme will help you direct all your efforts in one direction. Instead of getting random decorations and party accessories, you will be focusing on certain elements that will not only save money but also time. If the theme aligns with expecting mother’s interest, it will be even better!

Use Coupons and Discounts:

Online coupons and discounts are a great way to reduce costs while organizing a baby shower. Whether you’re buying supplies, unique gifts, or decorations, using coupons can save prices dramatically. Coupon-focused apps and sites frequently provide sales on baby products like toys, clothes, and diapers. One such website for online coupons is EMUcoupon. It is a coupon hub that encourages the use of coupons, promo codes, and discounts on both physical and digital products. EMUCoupon offers coupons for free shipping, BOGO discounts, site-wide discounts, and everything else frugal shoppers may possibly need.

Invite limited number of guests:

You can indeed save money by having a baby shower with a small guest list. The cost of food, drinks, decorations, and party favours can be greatly minimized when there are fewer guests. A limited guest list also makes it possible for participants to engage in more personal and meaningful conversation. By emphasizing quality above number, hosts can make sure that everyone has a better time. Additionally, renting a smaller venue might be required for a smaller gathering, which would save even more money. Reducing the number of guests can, all things considered, be a sensible way to minimize costs while still joyously commemorating the birth of a new child. But in the process of saving money do not forget to invite the baby’s relatives including grandma, aunts, and godmother.

Minimal decor:

Keeping decor minimal is a smart and stylish way to host a baby shower under budget. Focus on a few key elements that create a warm, welcoming atmosphere without going overboard. Choose a simple color scheme or theme and use items you already have. DIY decorations, such as paper garlands, photo displays of the parents-to-be, or a cute diaper cake as a centerpiece, can add personal touches without breaking the bank. Utilize natural elements like flowers from your garden. Remember, the day is about celebrating the upcoming arrival, and a cozy, heartfelt setting can be achieved without unnecessary spending.

Be creative to engage:

You can make your baby shower memorable for the mother as well as guests without spending thousands if you get creative. Silly little games are usually played at baby showers but to buy a whole set or gaming kit to impress guests is not ideal. You can get creative by playing games like musical chairs, guessing the food, baby bingo, etc to keep the guests entertained and having a memorable time. To reward the winners, Homemade treats or simple candies will be appreciated.

Homemade catering:

At baby showers under a tight budget, using homemade catering can considerably reduce costs. Opting to prepare meals yourself will save you the hefty fees of hiring a caterer, which frequently covers not just the food but also service and tip costs. With homemade catering, you may tailor the menu to your spending limit and stay away from pricey materials and meals. It also offers the option to buy ingredients in bulk, which can result in a more economical purchase. Meal prep can also be made into a pleasant, group activity by including family and friends. This adds to the event’s personal touch while keeping costs down.

Digital invitations For Baby Shower:

Another cheap baby shower idea is to use digital invitations. Digital invitations can significantly help save money at baby showers. Traditional paper invitations involve costs for design, printing, and postage, which can quickly add up, especially for a lengthy guest list. In contrast, digital invitations eliminate these expenses, offering a wide variety of free or low-cost templates that can be easily customized and sent via email or social media. Additionally, digital platforms often provide added features like RSVP tracking and instant updates or changes to the event details, enhancing convenience for both the host and the guests. By opting for digital invitations, hosts can allocate a larger portion of their budget to other aspects of the baby shower, such as food, decorations, or gifts.

In season flowers for decoration:

Choosing seasonal flowers for a baby shower décor is a wise and affordable choice to plan a cheap baby shower. Because of the expense of transporting them from distant areas where they are currently in bloom, out-of-season flowers can cost a lot more. On the other hand, picking flowers that are in season organically in your area will save money on greenhouse growth and transportation. Seasonal flowers not only improve the aesthetics of your event but also provide freshness and brilliant beauty at a lesser cost. You can choose the loveliest and reasonably priced in-season flowers for your baby shower by speaking with a local florist, making sure it’s both elegant and affordable.

Cupcakes instead of cake:

Another cute but budget friendly idea for cheap baby showers is to get cupcakes instead of a big cake. When you consider the prices of high-end bakeries, cupcakes can often be less expensive than custom-ordered cakes. They simplify arrangements and save rental expenses by eliminating the requirement for cake cutting and serving utensils. Cupcakes also come in a variety of flavours, so hosts may accommodate different guest preferences without spending extra money. Additionally, they can be used as party favors and decorative pieces, enhancing the event’s look while saving money on additional decorations and handouts. This option keeps things affordable while adding to the celebration’s charm. 

Dividing responsibilities:

Another cheap but practical idea to save money on baby showers is to divide the responsibilities. Dividing responsibilities at baby showers helps save money by distributing the financial burden among multiple people. Each person can contribute in different ways, such as bringing food, decorations, or games, which reduces the overall cost for the host. Additionally, when responsibilities are divided, it allows for better coordination and prevents overspending on items that might duplicate or exceed the budget.

How do you plan a low cost baby shower?

A modest and budget friendly baby shower can be as memorable and wonderful as a high budget baby shower could be. Low budget doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice joy and excitement to celebrate the arrival of a new life. The most important thing is to be creative, practical, and share the love and support of the expecting mother regardless of the size of the budget. With thoughtful planning and a focus on what truly matters, any baby shower can be a beautiful celebration of a new life.

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