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When To Switch Back to Summer Tyres?

When To Switch Back to Summer Tyres?

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Are you a first-time winter tyres user? (If you have never tried winter tyres, you should! Are you uncertain of when you should make the switch back to your summer tyres? All the online advice can seem quite vague, and most is geared towards the change to winter tyres rather than from winter tyres. Let us take a look at the facts.

Temperature Trial

Just as an average temperature below 7°C is the ideal time to put your winter – or cold weather – tyres on, the arrival of an average temperature above 7°C is a good time to switch back to summer tyres. However, do be sure that you are checking the temperature during the times that you are driving: while some spring days can be really warm, early mornings and post-commute evenings can be very chilly, meaning that it is better to leave your cold weather tyres in place for just a little longer.

By Calendar Month

If you have no easy way to tell the precise temperature at any given hour, you can also work it out by the calendar. In general, you will usually want to put your cold weather tyres on your car by the end of October, and by the end of March or early April, they can come off again. As a rough guide, you can use the changing of the clocks as a reminder: once the clocks go forward or back (which is easily remembered with spring forward (for a spring change) and fall back (for an autumn, or fall, change)) you should make a plan to change your tyres sometime in the next week or so.

Use Your Situation as a Final Guide

The above recommendations should be taken with a pinch of salt if you live in an out-of-the-way part of the country. High mountains will be colder for longer, the further north you are the longer winter will last, and some (fortunately rare) places remain fairly cool year-round. Monitor your temperatures – or look up the average temperatures for your area – and make a decision on changing your summer tyres according to your research.

Changing your cold weather tyres for summer ones should be done as promptly as possible: winter tyres are softer and will wear much quicker than your summer tyres and will need replacing more quickly than you would like!

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