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What’s new in the online gambling industry for smartphones in 2022

What’s new in the online gambling industry for smartphones in 2022

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The online gambling sector continues to record phenomenal growth rates. It is expected that the market will grow by a rate of 10.4% to reach $ 81 billion in 2022. In the next four years, the figure is expected to reach $ 115 billion. When we talk of the online gambling market, we are referring to the revenue that is generated from remote gambling activities using either desktop or mobile gadgets. Access to gambling products using smartphones has been on the increase. You are highly likely to find players accessing free mobile slots using their smartphones than any other device.

This according to Ella Houghton, an online gambling expert, is attributed to the growing adoption of smartphones, especially as a means for accessing internet-related products. Gambling for smartphones is attracting huge investments with new products coming up every day. The online gambling industry in 2022 has seen new entrants each targeting mobile device users. The aim has been to reach people who would like to engage in gambling but in the comfort of their houses or offices. So, what is new in online gambling for smartphone in 2022?

There have been considerable changes in the gambling sector in the last few years. Today, you can enjoy your favorite casino games in the comfort of your house. Given that there are lots of games on offer, players are guaranteed that they will not have any dull moments. Some of the new developments that are enhancing gambling in 2022 include:

  • Enhanced safety for players
  • Use of cryptocurrencies in gambling 
  • VR and Metaverse
  • Cloud computing in gambling

Enhanced safety

With increased incidences of cyber-criminal activities, online players are concerned about their security. When selecting a gambling platform, one of the factors that players are considering is their safety. If a given platform does not offer proper measures to secure its details, they are likely to shun the site. Online casinos have employed measures to secure their sites. To ensure that users’ accounts are not accessed by unauthorized parties, they have introduced two-authentication factors.

With these security features, it is almost impossible to access an account if you do not have proper credentials. With this level of security among others, online casino space is secure encouraging more players to join in and enjoy different games. With increased confidence, the gambling industry is the winner as the number of players is set to grow further.

Cryptocurrencies in Gambling

Although cryptocurrencies have been around for some time now, they had been previously shunned by mainstream gambling platforms due to the bad name they acquired from the onset. Ella Houghton has reviewed several online casinos that offer cryptocurrencies as one of the payment options and she has concluded that acceptance of such platforms is on a steady rise. Cryptocurrencies are known for their security, low transaction fees, and anonymity that they provide to users who would not like to be identified.

Just as the player has a wide variety of choices when it comes to online casinos and games that are available, several cryptocurrencies can be used to make payments in online casinos. Reviews show that more than 70 crypto-friendly casinos are accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dodge among others. Players will also be happy to note that through the use of cryptos in gambling, they will never be the target of data mining or adverts that are pushed based on their behavior online.

Virtual reality in Gambling

Online gambling platforms are in constant improvement mode where they want to enhance the experience they offer to their users. 3D, Virtual, and augmented realities are some of the capabilities that have recently been introduced in gambling. With virtual reality, players experience the auditory and visual attributes that are offered on physical platforms while in the comfort of their houses.

It eliminates the need to travel, wear fancy clothes, and all that goes along with visiting land-based casinos. Although there are only a few VR casinos that are in existence, their adoption is set to increase and in the near future, we may see more players opting to experience the new technology. The cost of adoption may be inhibitive for now as one is required to acquire a headset and controller, components that are quite expensive, however, it is expected that they will be more affordable soon.

Cloud computing in gambling

With cloud computing, players can now access more games using their smartphones. With such capabilities, it means that they do not need to have large storage spaces. All that is required is logging into a gambling platform and the right way to enjoy the game. Some of the platforms do not even require the installation of an app, all that a player has to do is visit a website and from there access everything that an online casino has to offer.

With the increased use of a smartphone to access online casinos, operators will continue to improve their platforms to ensure they offer the best experience. The new development in the industry is meant to offer players convenience, security, and an improved experience.

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