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What to Write in a Funny 50th Birthday Card

What to Write in a Funny 50th Birthday Card

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50th birthday cards with accompanying gifts, drinks, cake and dinner are expected on the 50th birthday. While some people love to enjoy the presence of people on that day, others will likely prefer their bed or their favourite quiet spot – and workaholics may outrightly disregard this special day. Regardless of the possible scenario, you may meet, few people will reject a funny 50th birthday card. Check out the Funny 50th Birthday Cards | Boomf collection of cards that fit your description or imagination.

Laughter brings people together, eliminates tension and makes life seem lighter. So, funny 50th birthday cards are accepted options for going above the status quo. However, it is important to note that everyone functions with a different degree of sensitivity. So, to get the most effective response: study the birthday recipient and carefully choose the words that will cause laughter.

Funny 50th Birthday Card Wishes for Parents

  • You know you are fifty when you have a handle on life while life has a handle on your waist. Happy birthday to you!
  • Now that you are 50 years old, may your wrinkles multiply and your hair thin out.
  • The golden age of 50 is here, tell me how does it feel to be old
  • Do you remember how excited you were to be 10 years? I wish you 10 times… sorry, 5 times that joy.
  • “Mother, mother, mother have you any hair?” — “Yes son, yes son, three bags full. One for childbirth, one for menopause and one for genes and nature that I cannot fight.” Happy birthday, Mother, I am lucky to have you in my life.

Funny 50th Birthday Card Greetings for Friends

  • You know you are old when you start complaining about technology. Happy birthday (insert name). How’s the Wi-fi at your place.
  • With old age comes wisdom and shrivelled balls. Happy birthday from your much younger friend
  • You know you are 50 when your favourite song plays on retro channels and you think crocs are a fashion statement. Happy birthday!

Funny 50th Birthday Card Messages for Partner

  • Knock knock. Who’s there? 50. 50 years of magnificence. Happy birthday, Oldie!
  • Everyone desires gold but I think you can keep this one to yourself. Happy birthday old MacDonald.
  • What do we say to our elders? Happy birthday Sir, may you be happy, and may your dreams chase you.

Funny 50th birthday cards will always be appreciated by the celebrant with a nice sense of humour. If you know exactly, what can crack them up, don’t hesitate to get that special funny card.

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