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What to do with your furniture when moving

What to do with your furniture when moving

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Moving house is an exciting but stressful time. On top of all the organising, you want to make sure your belongings are moved safely and securely. A big part of this, especially if you want to keep your design style, is your furniture. We will tell you how to safely pack your furniture for your house move.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are not that heavy, so you can usually pack them yourself easily. Wrap each chair individually in bubble wrap or a blanket and then place into the appropriate sized cardboard box. Make sure to fill any empty spaces with tissue paper before sealing up the box.

Couches & Sofas

These require more wrapping than lounge chairs because they are heavier. They will need to be wrapped in a blanket and then bubble-wrapped as well. You may want an extra person’s help when moving couches or sofas because they are very heavy. Alternatively, you could hire a removalist company to help you with moving heavy items. Sites like Muval will help you compare and find furniture removalists. Make sure there is enough bubble wrap on the bottom of these pieces before adding any blankets to prevent them from getting dirty during transit.

Dining Tables

These can be tricky to move as they are both heavy and delicate and often awkward. The best way to move them is by taking off the legs and boxing them separately. If you have a large enough box, you can also place the table top in there with the legs placed next to it. Be sure to wrap all surfaces of the table, especially the underside.

Coffee Tables & Sideboards

These are usually easy to pack because they are not too heavy and can be moved by one person if need be. When packing these items, it is important that you separate all the pieces into small wrapped bundles so nothing breaks or scratches during transit. Wrap each piece individually in bubble-wrap or a blanket and then place into the appropriate sized box.

Bedroom Furniture

This is usually best left to professional removalists as there are many items of large size and weight, such as dressers and bed frames. It is definitely worth considering hiring help for these larger pieces because they can be very heavy and awkward to move on your own.

Office Furniture

If you have a lot of office furniture, it is best to hire removalists as some pieces may be very heavy and awkward. However if the items are smaller such as chairs or filing cabinets than they can usually be moved by one person. This will vary depending on how many people you need available for packing up your home but, in general, it is always best to have more people helping than not enough.

When packing furniture for a house move, it is important to remember that each item will require different care and attention. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your furniture arrives at your new home safe and sound.

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