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What to Consider when Buying Wood Pellet Grills?

What to Consider when Buying Wood Pellet Grills?

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Are you interested in buying a wood pellet smoker? The interest in these grills has increased substantially over the past decade due to their versatile use.

There is a vast assortment of wood pellet grills, differing in price, performance, and features. Buyers should research the quality and features of numerous models prior to selecting one. They are suggested to inspect the construction of the unit and check the temperature range, the controller, the cooking area, and extra features.

Get familiar with each of these factors below.

Construction and quality

The initial factor to consider when buying a wood pellet grill is the quality of construction. The material of these units is responsible for their quality. Most manufacturers use painted steel to construct pellet BBQs, but the quality of paint and steel aren’t universal. In order to prevent the steel from corroding, the unit should be coated with high-temperature powder paint, which prevents blistering and flaking.

Even if the body of the BBQ is painted well, you should check the paint of the diffuser plate and the firepot. These parts are equally susceptible to corroding, hence requiring a powder paint coating. Nowadays, most buyers prefer stainless steel pellet grills, as this material is rust-resistant and highly durable. Read here about the types and prevention from corrosion.

Quality construction and durability are important qualities to keep in mind when buying a barbeque. Only well-built models are capable of performing efficiently in all kinds of weather. The quality of the construction materials speaks volumes about the heat retention, airflow, and pellet consumption of these units.

Temperature range

The following aspect to take into account is the temperature range of wood pellet grills. The usual range is between 180 ˚F and 425˚F, which is good enough for different types of indirect cooking like baking, roasting, grilling, and smoking. A lot of models, however, aren’t adequate for searing. If searing meat is your goal, you should search for a model with a better temperature range.

Fortunately, there are high-end pellet grills with temperature ranges between 500˚F and 700˚F. Such a BBQ would be perfect for searing, as this process requires between 500˚F and 550˚F. Apart from being able to cook over indirect heat, your new grill should also provide an open flame cooking option.

Temperature controller

The pellet grill controller is in charge of keeping a consistent temperature, indispensable for cooking tasty foods. The types of controllers vary across wood pellet grills, as their precision and consistency differ from one model to another. This link,, provides practical tips on controlling the temperature of a smoker.

For instance, a three-position controller, as the name explains, provides three temperature settings, low, medium, and high, corresponding to approximately 225˚F, 325˚F, and 425˚F. Given the three offered options, grillers aren’t provided with great control over the cooking temperature, thus usually found in low-end models.

In contrast, multi-position controllers have been viewed as a better option for temperature control, as they feature a knob. By using the knob, grillers can adjust the settings from 180˚F to 420˚F in increments of 25˚F. Nevertheless, multi-position controllers are infamous for their inaccuracy in windy weather.

One-touch non-PID controllers are more sophisticated due to the use of LCD displays. The cooking temperature can be adjusted in increments of five or ten Fahrenheit degrees, which provides better accuracy. Conversely, PID controllers are unquestionably the most sophisticated controllers to choose, setting the temperature in increments of five degrees. These controllers don’t use fixed cycles to deliver pellets but add them whenever necessary.

Cooking area

The cooking area of wood pellet smokers usually comes in two types, primary and total cooking area. The former refers to the main cooking grate, whereas the latter includes the secondary racks as well. The average size grill for a family of four members is 450-500 square inches. Conversely, couples can purchase a smaller model, whereas larger families would need a BBQ of over 500 square inches.

Extra features

These popular smokers offer a multitude of extra features apart from the standard ones. For example, such models include control boards, included meat probes, secondary cooking racks, direct grilling option, Wi-Fi, etc. When buying a wood pellet grill, make sure it uses smart grilling technology. Meat probes are useful for tracking the internal temperature of food without having to open the lid. Some probes are programmable, which means users can program the BBQ to lower or increase the heat.

Moreover, some models can accommodate secondary racks to maximize the cooking space. Additionally, if you wish to control your food temperature over your phone or tablet, choose a smoker with Wi-Fi capability.

In conclusion

Why not join the trend and purchase a wood pellet grill?

You won’t have any regrets about making such a decision!

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