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What Options are Open to You After Your Architecture Degree?

What Options are Open to You After Your Architecture Degree?

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With your architecture degree in hand, you have a set of very valuable credentials in hand that qualify you for a creative, satisfying career. This field is an evolving one with new opportunities arising almost every year as design elements undergo dramatic change and preferences and needs transform as well.

There is no dearth of opportunities for an architect to pursue, and you need not worry much about there being too much competition in the niche for you to make a lucrative career simply because there are such diverse lines that you can choose to work in. If you have just completed your architecture degree or are nearing completion in your course, it is time for you to get an idea of the various choices that are open to you.

What choices do you have in this field?

  • Commercial/residential architecture

If you like the idea of creating a space that a business can flourish, where people can be at their most productive, get inspired to give their best, then designing and building commercial spaces is a good option for you. Remember that today, commercial space design is not just limited to tall skyscrapers but also to home offices or small business setups where you will enjoy the challenge of converting a very compact space into an efficient, functional work area. Also, keep in mind that the work area could be any kind of office- a clinic, an advertising firm, a lawyer’s office, a spa, and so on.

Building homes is an immensely satisfying task that you can do as well with your architecture degree. The idea of creating someone’s dream home is a very exciting and fulfilling one, indeed. In home design, the latest trend is to focus on space saving, environment-friendly designs, and if you have a specialization in this area, you have an enormous advantage. Residential design can be very exciting, and this is a line that can give you immense exposure to new ideas, an opportunity to challenge your creative limits, and the option of venturing into related fields like furniture design or lighting design as well. The projects you can choose are diverse too- compact units in high rise condos, independent homes with sprawling space, or row homes with very practical design.

  • Restoration architecture

If you want to explore something a little off the beaten track, a line like this is a good choice. This is especially ideal for you if you also have an interest in old architecture and history. In the restoration architecture line, you will get to bring back to glory structures that have lost their sheen. Your work will not just involve historic buildings though; you may be working on old homes or maybe converting an old building to a commercial establishment like a hotel or plaza too. The restoration line gives you a great opportunity to understand architectural styles and techniques used before- a good insight to have if you want to specialize in recreating older designs too. Of course, restoration is also a good way to gain recognition quickly by working on well-known structures.

  • Urban planning

This is another very critical area of work that you can choose. As an urban planner, you are involved optimally using community land, a good way to contribute to society at large too. You will be studying available resources, analyzing them, and then deicing how to make the best use of them in your layout. The work involves combining forces with city officials and also the members of the community you are working on. This in itself is great exposure to working with the requirements and restrictions put forth by many, and to this end, it is very challenging and helps you explore your potential to a great extent. Urban planning is a very creative job too, a fact that is often overlooked by most because you have to pay attention to the overall appearance of the project design as well as its specifications and practicality.

  • Interior design

Designing interiors is one of the most popular choices for those with architecture degrees because of the immense artistic exposure it gives you as well as the creativity that it allows you to flaunt. Whether you are coming up with new designs to improve the functionality and aesthetics of a home’s interiors or commercial space or that of a leisure spot for the public, you get to showcase your design skills very clearly for all to see.

No matter which of these lines you choose to focus on, the first step is to either join a firm that is well established or set up your own business. Take help from a mentor if it is the latter path you chose.  Make sure you have covered all the risks in the best possible way for your new business. For example, take out a sound professional liability insurance for architects coverage that will protect you from legal liabilities on a project. Compare insurance costs and coverage right here to make the job easy on yourself.

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