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Upgrade your man’s wardrobe with these budget-friendly tips

<strong>Upgrade your man’s wardrobe with these budget-friendly tips</strong>

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Do you feel that the man in your life, whether it’s your boyfriend or husband, is starting to dress a bit dull? Maybe he simply doesn’t feel inspired to dress nicely anymore. Or has he completely lost his sense of what’s stylish and what’s not? Don’t worry – with these tips, you can have him looking fashionable in no time without having to spend a fortune on gifts.

Invest in sleek basics

Every man needs a wardrobe of stylish basics – simple t-shirts in different colours, a jumper or two, and some trousers that fit well and goes with everything. Thus, rather than buying patterned shirts and colourful trousers, you should ensure that your man’s wardrobe has all the essentials needed to complete any outfit. 

For example, at Wordans, you can find Fruit of the Loom polo shirts that are suitable for practically any occasion. For a reasonable price, you get sleek basics in different colours that your man can wear for everyday and parties. Basics have the advantage of being on the cheaper side, so you can give your sweetheart something he will appreciate without spending too much money.

Buy him a gift card to his favourite shop

You are unlikely to go wrong with basics, but if he already has these (but still dresses boring), you can buy him a gift card to his favourite shop. With a gift card, you can go shopping for him together, you act as a stylist, and he tries on the clothes! This will also give him the opportunity to tell you what he likes and what he doesn’t like, and together you’ll surely find some garments that’ll look good on him. You also avoid spending money on clothes that he won’t use.

Try second-hand shopping

Finally, you can save an incredible amount of money by shopping used rather than new clothes. And that’s just one of the many benefits of second-hand shopping. You are also guaranteed to find stylish and trendy garments that can give your man a much more distinctive look. 

Of course, to make him happy with your purchases, you need to make sure that he’s actually willing to wear clothes that someone else has worn before. But you also need to know his size and not the least style to succeed. If you are unsure, ask your man to accompany you to a second-hand shop and hunt for garments together!

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