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Top Stay-At-Home Parent Jobs In UK

<strong>Top Stay-At-Home Parent Jobs In UK</strong>

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Since the commencement of remote working after the pandemic of 2020, people working full time from their homes have been quite common. If there is one dynamic that is receiving immense convenience with this set-up, it is parents.

Especially parents of a newborn since maternity/paternity leaves are not enough to actually muster the zeal to leave a baby under help. They are more likely to benefit from remote working and taking care of the child/children.

However, for such convenience, one has to choose the right stay-at-home job. They cannot opt for a job which calls for late after-hour meetings or too much work under pressure. Plus, a decent salary for the parents is a major criterion to support and provide for a family.

This brings us to the excerpt below, where we will discuss the different stay-at-home job opportunities in the UK parents can explore.

Why Stay At Home Job For Parents

If you are not yet convinced about joining a remote working clan, then here are some of the benefits you will be missing out on.

Flexible Working Hours: Remote working doesn’t always have to be 9-5. One can opt for freelancing, which gives you enough flexibility.

Work However You Want: We all know with kids, we are not always in our best presentable selves. It is easier when they can simply concentrate on their work, giving their 100% rather than simply worrying about ironed clothes.

Comfortable Working Place: If you are scared of leaving your newborn at home.

UK Stay-At-Home Jobs For Parents

If you are convinced to look for a stay-at-home job and start earning well in the comfort of your house, then here are the remote working options best suited for you.

1. Online Tutor

Schools went online, as did some tutelage. With the help of collaboration nowadays, one does not have to be physically present to start tuition. If you have the knowledge you can impart and well-defined teaching skills, you should start your online tutoring business.

Requirements for this job:

  • Certification & Skills to show your future students.
  • Tech savvy and knowledge of the internet.
  • Good orating and communication skills.
  • High-internet speed.
  • Good web camera to help your student get the on-school feel.

2. Data Entry Executive

A data entry executive is different from a data specialist. A data specialist will require some form of advanced training or a degree in statistics. A data entry executive’s work is much simplified. They will work in a clerical position with a corporate or government company.

Their primary task is data entry and handling. As a data entry clerk, you will be digitising paper data carefully and then maintaining them for the company to use later.

Requirements for this job:

  • High school degree.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel).
  • Good computer skills.
  • Accurate entry skill with the least error rate.
  • Ability to enter quickly.

3. Social Media Specialist

Social media has a great impact on the digital marketing scene. Especially when it comes to traditional and new companies trying to mark a place over the internet, with good knowledge, and impressive years of experience over social media, you can start working remotely.

One can work as a social media specialist, where they provide analytical advice on different social media platforms and how that can help bring an audience. One can get paid on a daily basis or monthly, depending on the results they are yielding.

Requirements for this job:

  • 3-4 years of experience in social media management.
  • A certification is showcasing the skills.
  • Social media portfolio about other work.
  • Experience in using high-end social media management tools.
  • An understanding of the current market.

4. Professional Bookkeeping

If you are good with numbers and have a fair knowledge of finance, then professional bookkeeping should be your job. You have to take all the financial accounts of a company, individual, or conglomerate and maintain the data.

This will include income, expenditure, external expenses, profit, and loss.

Requirements for this job:

  • A fair knowledge of finance.
  • Efficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Excellent data entry speed.
  • Calculation efficiency.
  • Minimum entry error rate.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing has always been a solace for someone who wishes to work from home in their own comfortable time. This occupation existed even before the pandemic hit.

Freelancing has options based on your expertise, and some of the common freelancing occupations you can opt for are:

  • Graphic designing.
  • Writing.
  • Website Auditing.
  • The front-end and Back end SEO.
  • Social media management.

Requirements for the job:

  • A compelling portfolio with previous work.
  • Good communication skills.
  • A degree in marketing or media communications.
  • Ability to work under flexible timing.
  • Certification proving your skills.

6. Translator

If you have efficiency in a few foreign languages, along with being fluent in your local language, then you can make a CV as a translator. From company documents to articles on blogs, every company is trying to go “local” by delivering messages in the customer’s language.

Requirements for the job:

  • Efficiency in the language you are translating.
  • Portfolio to prove your skill.
  • Preferably a certification or degree in that language.
  • Good typing speed.

7. Recording An Audiobook

If you have good orating skills and a flair for drama in your voice, then you can opt for recording audiobooks from home. It is not that lucrative in the UK when you are simply starting, but you can make your way up to bigger audiobook recording companies.

If you are a local in the UK, your chances of getting a job as an audiobook recorder will increase. Along with audiobooks, you can also apply as a voice actor if you have the skills and experience to back it up.

Requirements for the job:

  • Excellent rating and storytelling skills.
  • Ability to read English (or the language required) clearly, and with ease.
  • A portfolio of recorded audio.
  • Ability to express emotions through voice.

Analyse Before Applying!

We have enlisted some of the best-known stay-at-home parent jobs one can start in the UK. However, before you give your application, here is the important information you should gather first.

  • The average salary that each job provides. This can depend on location, age, and, most important, experience.
  • Job specification, which you have to maintain when remote working.
  • Create a compelling portfolio, as that is the first impression you are sending out.
  • The conditions of “flexible timing” every company has.

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