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Top Budget and Not Budget Wines To Try

Top Budget and Not Budget Wines To Try

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Budget is always a problem when it comes to organizing a party. You have to think about every single thing about it. You have to fit in the budget for decorating, food, dessert and lastly, some fine good wine.

Whether you have a big budget or a small one, we have compiled a list of great wines for everybody’s taste and pocket.

  1. Wine Crime Rose – budget friendly

Along with the decadent design, the Wine Crime Rose is also easy on your pockets. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it lacks in flavor. An amazing mixture between Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot, made from grapes hand picked by the best wine expert, the Wine Crime Rose is pure explosion of rich tastiness. 

The bright hue gives off an elegant vibe on your dinner table. Your smelling senses will be filled with juicy exotic fruit, mixed in peony flowers. Full-bodies, with just enough acidity to sour your tongue for a second only to finish off with the sweetness of the fruit. A roller coaster of smell, vision and taste. Goes well with salads, fresh cheese and fruit desserts.

2. Chateau Purcari Freedom Blend 2020 – budget friendly

This pretty little number comes from the distant multi-cultural lands of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. Grapes are picked from three different cultures and traditions. The top secret ingredient of the Chateau Purcari Freedom Blend 2020 is Bastardo and Saperavi grape mixed with the Rara Neagra variety. The fruit is carefully hand harvested on the Chateau Purcari estate which is located in near proximity of the Black Sea.

What gives the Chateau Purcari Freedom Blend 2020 its unique taste is the dark cherry, cassis notes and blackberry. You get hit with elements of red pepper, earthy forest floor and leather. Thanks to the full body of the taste this wine is great with hearty red meat.

3. Bread & Butter Chardonnay 2020 – budget friendly

Best known for its luxurious creaminess, the Chardonnay reminds of the classic oaky California style. The responsible culprit for creating the Bread & Butter Chardonnay 2020 is located in Napa Valley which is known for creating bold wines, known all over the world. They used frequent soaking of oak barrels for aging and malolactic fermentation which gives it that enchanting buttery element. 

Even at the first sip, your tongue gets tickled by the ripe tropical fruit, toasted almost and elements of sandalwood. You get an idea of the full, body and soft or creamy texture. The firm structure is backed behind hints of fresh pastries, rich vanilla spice and brioche.

4. Henschke Mount Edelstone Shiraz 2016 – best value for money

The winemakers that created the Henschke Mount Edelstone Shiraz 2016 have been around since 1862. That’s why they know their stuff. The awards they received for their distinct work says it all. The fruit and the methods they use are fully organic. 

A bottle full of pepper, bold herbs, plum, blackberry, the Henschke Mount Edelstone Shiraz 2016 is a great choice if you want to splurge and indulge in some fine wine. Once poured in the glass, the wine turns deep crimson with a powerful purple hue. 

An intense taste of burberry and plum are dominating in the mouth, along with hints of sage, pepper and anise. The depth of the flavor remains all the way through. It’s a great mix with tender lamb loin with grilled veggies or gamey meats.

5. Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 – best value for money

Imagine an intense cocktail of flavor of creamy coconut, sweet vanilla and spicy cedar going through your nose and mouth. That is what you get with Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017. It begins with smooth but strong well-rounded tannins, a rich full body and finishes strong. 

The Silver Oak winery is still considered today as one of the finest wineries all thanks to the estate’s amazing terroir. What you didn’t know is that they have added a small amount of Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Cabernet for some extra finess.

6. Freemark Abbey Bosche Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 – best value for money

The Freemark Abbey holds hundreds of vineyard parcels all over Napa Valley. The soil there is the perfect environment for the French grape. 

This exquisite wine indulges your senses with elements of violet, black cherry blackcurrant and dried basil. Flavors of tobacco, dark cherry and toasted oak. A great companion to go with steak, burger, aged cheese or mushrooms.

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