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Tips to Save Money On Monthly Expenses

Tips to Save Money On Monthly Expenses

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It can be very easy to spend money, but it’s more challenging trying to save it. And with Christmas around the corner, it can be imperative to save where possible. So how can you save money on your monthly expenses? Here are just a few tips on how to do it, so that you can live a little more comfortably.

Tips to Save Money On Monthly Expenses

Switch Mobile & Internet Providers

We cannot deny how much we rely on our mobile phones and the internet in general. It’s a great way of communicating with loved ones, and it really helps with the boredom if you commute to work via public transport.

A lot of us will remain with our mobile network providers simply because it’s providing you with the service you need. But what if there are cheaper options out there? Nowadays, there are so many comparison websites available that you can pretty much compare anything from your mobile contract to flight deals.

Services, for example, like Smarty mobile powered by Three, is the highest rated UK network on Trustpilot. Why you ask? Well because their plans start from as little as £7.50 a month giving you unlimited texts, calls and even credit back for any unused data. So not only will you have a cheaper contract, you’ll make a bit of money back too!

With your internet provider, you can save money by searching for cheaper options and if you want to stay with your provider, give them a call and tell them you found better. Most companies will want to keep their loyal customers, so they may offer you an even better deal if you promised to stay.

Be More Strict With The Utilities

Yes, it may be cold, but your utilities can rocket in price during the winter. So where possible, avoid turning on the heating and if you do, keep it on a timer so that it just takes the chill off the place. A great device to have to save money, in the long run, is Nest. Nest Thermostat is installed to control your central heating both when you’re in the house and even when you’re out of it. It’s been proven to save you energy by learning your daily routines and adapting the heating to save you money.

Simple things like turning the lights off when you leave a room and not leaving the water running when washing up or brushing your teeth can make the difference in your monthly bill.

Reduce Credit Card Spending

Credit cards can be very handy when something breaks unexpectedly or when Christmas comes around. However, it’s essential that you stay on top of this so that it doesn’t get out of hand. You can reduce your credit card spend by asking your provider for a reduction in how much they lend you. Having a credit card limit of £3,000 and reducing it to £1,500 will make all of the difference so that you’re not tempted to spend beyond your means. Remember that a credit card is not free money, you will have to pay it back.

Avoid getting multiple credit cards unless absolutely necessary. Too many cards and you’ll start forgetting about ones you need to pay off, which can damage your credit score and the chances of getting any type of loans in the future.

Sell Your Unused Items

A lot of us, naturally hoard things whether that’s clothing, electronics or decor for the home. Every so often, it’s good to have a spring clean of your home so that you can keep your space clean and chuck out any unwanted items. But if there’s something that’s worth selling, then take advantage of good old eBay to send those items on to a loving home.

When selling online, consider any packaging and shipping costs, including any fees the website might charge for selling it through them.

Cancel Memberships

Got a £50 gym membership and you currently go to the gym once a month but the last time you went was six months ago? Well, that’s £300 down the drain that could have been saved in the bank. You may have multiple entertainment memberships but only use one, so why keep the other two? Make a note of all the memberships or subscriptions that you’re a part of and question whether you do in fact use it.

It’s money that can be easily wasted but can make such a noticeable difference if you cancel it. That said, check out subscription boxes, for example, subscription health and beauty boxes, and find a cheaper way to get your make up and beauty products each month for less!

Save Money On Food

Food is one of the most significant monthly expenses and why shouldn’t it be? We all need it to live and function! But there are ways you can reduce your monthly spend on food. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try a subscription food service. These often work out a lot cheaper than buying food every week, and you’ll also waste a lot less, which is good for the environment.
  • Prepare your own lunches for work at home instead of spending £3-£5 or more every day.
  • Buy food in bulk when it’s on offer. The same goes for toiletries.
  • Stock up on non-perishable items to avoid anything going off. This can be useful if you have other commitments outside of work which mean you won’t be home to cook.

Shop Around For Insurance

When you buy a property, you suddenly have so much more to insure, including your life! So if you think you’re paying too much with your current insurance providers, shop around for a better deal. But make sure you keep in mind what’s being offered and that you are fully covered for everything. Having no insurance may save you money, but it’s not worth the risk if anything did go wrong – you’d be forking out a lot more if it did.

Saving money can take a lot of effort and self-control. However, when you do, it can certainly come in handy, especially with everything that life throws at you when you least expect it. And with Christmas approaching, it’s an expensive time of year for most of us.

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