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Tips For Losing Weight For Summer

Tips For Losing Weight For Summer

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The bright and sunny days of Spring are a reminder that summer is coming.  Before you start heading to the gym and spending hours exercising or dieting to shed your winter weight, you need to be aware of some tips.  These tips will help you lose weight for summer successfully.

Eat Five Times A Day

Eating five times a day does not mean you should be eating five full meals.  You need to stick to your recommended caloric intake, but spread your food across three meals and two snacks.  A good routine for this will be to have breakfast an hour after you wake up or after morning exercise followed by lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, and an evening snack.  Spreading your food across the day will boost your metabolism and stop your body trying to store fat for future energy needs.

Drink 8 To 10 Glasses of Water

This is a tip that you should use all the time, but each glass should only have water.  All your sugary soft drinks need to be cut from your diet as you load up on water.  This will save you a lot of money and you will be cutting the unnecessary sugars in your diet.  You will also end up eating less as the water fills you and stops you from confusing thirst with hunger.  Before you eat your lunch, you should have a full glass of water.

Try Interval Training

This type of training will help you burn more fat and save time because you do not have to spend hours in the gym.  Interval training providers better results than spending hours on the cardio machine.  The American College of Sports Medicine has found that more calories are burned with short high-intensity exercises.  Some studies show interval training will increase the metabolism while burning fats and carbohydrates long after you have stopped exercising.  If you usually run for your cardio workout, you can try jogging and sprinting in two-minute intervals.  You will be surprised at how fast your routine hoes compared to the slow endurance exercise you were doing.

 Exercise As Soon As You Wake Up

Before you start looking for breakfast, you should try and do a morning workout routine.  This is the best time to burn fat not carbohydrates because your body has been fasting overnight.  This depletes your glycogen or stored carbohydrates and lowers the blood sugar.  If you exercise in the morning, you will not only burn fat while you exercise but will continue to do so for hours after.

Choose Wheat Instead Of White

It is not a secret that white bread is not as healthy or good for you as whole grain or whole wheat bread.  Whole grain and whole wheat breads have carbohydrates with more fiber than the white carbohydrates.  This is important because it will suppress your appetite for longer, improve your intestinal health and boost your digestion which can help you lose weight.  There are also a lot of whole grain and whole wheat options at the store from bread to pizza dough.

Stretch Every Day

Dancers and yoga practitioners stay slim by stretching.  When you stretch, you elongate the muscle which stops you from bulking up.  As you exercise, you need to stretch for at least half the amount of time you workout for.

You Need Fats To Burn Fat

While this might sound a little strange, good monounsaturated fats can help control your insulin levels.  These fats are found in a range of foods from avocados to olive oil to fish oil and nuts.  These fats also slow down the rate of entry of carbohydrates into the bloodstream and tell your brain when you should stop eating.  Of course, this does not mean you should be eating a pound of guacamole during lunch.  You need to use these fats as a condiment or take a fish oil or omega-3 supplement.

Have Breakfast

A lot of people assume skipping breakfast will help them lose weight because they reduce their caloric intake.  This is not true and studies have found that people who eat breakfast generally lose more weight than those who skip.  When you miss breakfast, your metabolic rate will slow down and your blood sugar starts to drop.  This results in you having less energy and becoming hungrier.  It can also cause you to snack on high-fat sweets or eating more at lunch or dinner.  When you have breakfast, your body will be nourished and satisfied making it less likely that you will want to overeat. Try ProPlant Complete Shake for breakfast instead for a light weight way to start the day.

Have Less Sugar

There are a lot of creative caffeinated drinks coming out which turns your coffee into a dessert instead of the energy booster it was meant to be.  If you are not a fan of black coffee or green tea, you should look at the low calorie and sugar-free drink options.  If you have a craving for cookies, you should look for diet options.  They are just as delicious as normal cookies, but have no sugar and fewer calories. Try Saxena to help you on your weight loss journey.

Take Home Leftovers

If you enjoy eating out, it can be hard to stick to a diet.  When you go out, you should leave at least a third of the portion to be taken home for later.

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