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The Rise of Women’s Remote Work: Embracing the New Paradigm

The Rise of Women’s Remote Work: Embracing the New Paradigm

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Due to the most challenging pandemics for COVID-19 last year, organizations had to adopt remote work to overcome the economic challenges. And even after the end of the pandemic, people are continuing to cuddle this new era of flexibility because of the benefits it offers, especially to women.

Remote working provides women with the flexibility to increase work efforts, care for the family, run additional businesses if any, and enjoy life. This newfound freedom can help women be stronger, more balanced, and empowered to achieve better outcomes for themselves and their families.

Thanks to the developing work culture and technological advantages, the conventional work concept has changed today, and it’s a significant boon for women. You can now find numerous practical tips for women to make money from home on the internet.

Effect of the Pandemic on Working Ladies

The economic downturn of 2020 due to the pandemic affected everyone, but it posed more challenges to women than men. Reports say that nearly 2.2 million women had to resign from their labor force jobs in the United States alone between October 2019 and October 2020. Women with children lost more jobs than those without kids. However, the overall number of women who had to leave the workforce was higher than that of men.

Women’s investments in businesses were already too low, and after the pandemic, the rate dropped even more. In 2020, US companies led by women could amass just 2.3% of all total VC money, and in 2019, it was 2.8%.

Well, remote work has today changed the working scenario for the better. People actually started to realize the real benefits of remote work, especially for women.

Benefits of Remote Work for Women

Although the global pandemic compelled people to work indoors, remote work offers plenty of advantages, especially for women. Below are some of the most significant benefits of this modern working system:

  • Improve the work-life balance

Women employees who work remotely, can manage their personal and professional responsibilities better by offering equal time to both. It’s usually more possible because of the flexible work schedules of remote work. With a properly balanced work-life balance, women can achieve better work satisfaction and better family time.

  • Boosts Productivity

Research says that remote workers have a better productivity level than those working in offices. The fact is that remote workers don’t have to opt for daily commute, reducing distractions and energy loss. You can just wake up in a fresh mood to carry out your daily family and work responsibilities as per your convenience. So all these things contribute significantly to increased productivity.

  • Attract more talent

Studies on the remote working system also found that it has turned out to be a significant way to attract and retain new talents. Even those women who weren’t working, are now looking for feasible jobs to make money from home. So remote work is continuing to attract new talent from all corners of the world.

With remote working, many professionals enjoy more control over their work lifestyles and environments.

  • Saves a lot

Remote work offers both organizations and employees the opportunity to save a lot of money. An organization saves expenses on office spaces, equipment, and utilities. On the other hand, employees make savings, especially on commutes, work attire, and meals.

  • Expanded the talent pool

Companies or organizations can now expand their search for talent beyond their limited geographical boundaries. They come across diverse expertise and skills that can boost the productivity and efficiency of their businesses. The expanded talent pool is bringing forth a wide range of innovation and perspectives.

  • Environmental-friendly

While accessing of commutes have reduced due to remote work, carbon emissions have also been reduced. The number of people using commutes to go to and return from work has decreased, so remote working is eventually bestowing a positive impact on the environment.

Remote work is actually providing women with better opportunities and tools to showcase their visions and expertise both at work and at home. Organizations are using this evolving work culture to encourage more equitable conditions for both genders.

The Takeaway

Some companies or organizations have already returned to the 9-to-5 work schedule after the pandemic. But most companies are moving forward with remote working and staying flexible, offering employees the opportunity to work from the office and work remotely as per their convenience.

Not all businesses can opt for the remote work system. It’s more suitable for the tech-reliant industry. Well, work from home or remote work will last longer than expected. This ‘new’ normal work system has now become a universally accepted paradigm, and it’s a bonanza for women.

Many women had to intently or unintentionally embrace the masculine way of working and leading for adapting the dominant culture. But it often cost them emotionally by betraying their family responsibility. Women could now find a way to ensure the productivity, efficiency, and well-being of their families.

Remote work has brought about a significant transformation in the way people discern and approach work. It bestowed a positive impact on work-life balance, productivity, cost savings, and talent acquisition.

More and more organizations are adopting remote working as a feasible option. So, the future of work appears promising because professionals are getting greater flexibility and autonomy in formulating their careers.

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