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Teach Your Child Essay Writing in 5 Easy Steps

Teach Your Child Essay Writing in 5 Easy Steps

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If your kids learn the skill of writing from an early age, it will come in handy throughout their lives. Not only will it enable them to express themselves, but it will also heighten their chances of success in education and building careers. It will also allow them to rely on their own skills when working on writing assignments in school rather than opting for a cheap paper writing service to do their homework for them. So, let’s make essay writing for kids easier.

Encourage Your Child to Read a Lot

Have you ever dreaded writing a lengthy essay? Everybody has, and so will your child when they start writing. However, you can make it a less boring experience by encouraging them to make reading a part of their daily routine. A child who likes reading grasps new techniques and terminology with time, and writing becomes a piece of cake. Knowledge also boosts their confidence and can make them enthusiastic for writing, which can come from reading related content.

Reading exposes people to a variety of excellent examples to learn from and take inspiration from. Your child will soak in different aspects of writing and, with time, develop a writing style of his own. 

The more they read, the more they will understand how sentences are structured and what can spruce up a bland passage of text. While this tip can work wonders for people, it is crucial not to force your child to read a book or a genre they are not interested in.

Instead, take your time to figure out what type of books or content the child enjoys reading and incorporate them into their routine.

A good time to make them read books is before hitting the bed. Another way you can help your child to learn writing when time is short and you need a quick fix is by ordering a professional company to write my essay in 1, 2, or 3 hours.

Refresh on Basic Writing Skills

Before you start teaching a child to write, ensure that their grasp over essential elements of writing is firm. English has several rules that need to be followed to write a high-quality essay: use of different tenses, adjectives, and adverbs, use of conjunctions, correct conjugation of the verb, and a lot more. It is recommended to clarify these concepts from the time your child starts learning and writing so that there are no issues in writing later on. Nonetheless, do not expect a child to understand and learn so many of these in one sitting. It is a time taking process and will take time to get better.

Give them assignments regularly and point out any grammatical, constructional, and other mistakes. Explain to them why their sentences are wrong and what is the correct way to do it. These are the basic building blocks of developing writing skills. Besides correcting the mistakes yourself, you can also purchase instructional books with numerous interactive activities to make learning English fun. Children’s books have illustrations and visualizations that boost their learning capabilities.

Create an Outline

There is no such thing as creating a masterpiece at the first attempt. If your child is a beginner and trying to write essays, make sure you help them understand the significance of a well-thought-out outline. This outline will act as a master plan of the essay and should include all essential elements and essays steps needed to be covered. Order essay paper and compare them so they get an idea of what to do.

Doing this will instill in them the habit of pre-planning and careful deliberation, a valuable skill applicable to every stage of their lives.

By creating an outline, the writing part will become less overwhelming. Your child will have a map of directions that they are required to follow. It will reduce the chances of getting their train of thoughts derailed and help them use the key points to construct sentences.

While teaching them about starting with an outline, you have to break down the structure for them. First, it should have an introduction section that should lay down the basic idea behind the essay and introduce the readers to what is yet to come. Then, there should be at least three paragraphs in the body of the essay. Do not worry if your child is taking time to learn the flow of the essay. Finally, a crisp and concise conclusion of winding up and summarizing the entire essay. When children learn the art of making outlines, it is considered as half the battle-worn. The rest will become easier.

Ask Them to Practice More

How to write an essay for kids? Practice, practice, and practice! That is the key to their success. Not just for the writing part but in life generally. Encourage children to develop the habit of regularly practicing important skills to get comfortable implementing them whenever required. In the case of writing, if your child has been actively practicing doing it, words and sentences will come naturally to them.

You can play a part here by giving your child exciting topics to write on. Brainstorm ideas that will make essay writing interesting for them and get them inspired. Remember, perfection is not the end goal. Learning and improvement are. In these practicing sessions, coach your little ones to develop essential grammar skills and an expressive vocabulary. Another tip to get them excited to participate in such activities is attaching a reward for the effort. The reinforcement theory suggests that positive responses and rewards to action can lead to higher motivation levels.

Use Technology to Help Your Child

Technology and kids. You might associate this invention as a source of never-ending distraction for your kids, and rightly so. Kids today stay glued to screens binge-watching their favorite cartoons, not studying, not eating, and not even sleeping. This is all true, but technology has undeniable benefits as well, especially for learning and growth. Allow your children to use phones and tablets moderately and use the internet with traditional reading and learning methods to improve results.

For example, there are many applications available, one play store dedicated to children’s learning. Do you want one for improving vocabulary? You are covered. How about sentence construction? Plenty of options to choose from. Even writing software like Grammarly can help your child identify grammatical mistakes and provide suitable suggestions.  Use technology wisely and accelerate the learning process.

A few useful apps are:

  • Lingokids
  • Monkey Junior
  • Fun English
  • eJoy

Being a parent, teaching your child to read and write is your responsibility. If you start early, writing an essay for the child will only become less hectic. With the steps mentioned below, you can easily teach your child how to write a decent essay and develop a good sense of expression.

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