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Security Window Films

Security Window Films

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Security and safety window films are made of PET and polyester films. They help to hold pieces of glass together after it has been shattered. The films also prevent heat and sunlight from reaching your home, and can protect you and your loved ones in the event of a fire. This article will introduce some of the different films available on the market, and explain how they can benefit you.

Safety series

You can install a safety film to your windows to protect your home from break-ins or burglars. These films can make it harder for someone to enter a home, giving you extra time to call the police or a neighbor.

Additionally, these films are virtually undetectable, allowing you to see out of your windows normally. And, because they’re so effective, they can save you money on energy costs, too. Click the link: for more information about energy efficiency.

Safety Series Window Films are made of a tough material that bonds the film securely to the glass. Because they’re durable, these films are virtually impossible to break.

They’ll also keep the air in your home, reducing your heating bill.

But perhaps the most important benefit is the protection they offer. With their many benefits, safety window films are the best way to protect your home. When installed correctly, they can keep burglars away and prevent break-ins from taking place.

In addition to being fire and burglar-proof, Safety Series window films can be used in commercial buildings to protect the occupants from flying glass. In addition to preventing people from breaking glass and causing injuries, they also reduce HVAC costs.

When installed properly, they come with comprehensive warranties. The Safety Series window films also provide enhanced anti-spall protection for laminated glass, extending their life. In addition, Anti-Graffiti films protect against paint and graffiti and are also a great choice.


The film is designed to be easy to maintain, and comes with a warranty. Installers can remove them if an attack is attempted. In addition to enhancing security, these protectant offer aesthetic benefits and can reduce noise from the outside by as much as 40 decibels.

Additionally, they help to maintain the glass’ clarity, reduce street noise, and improve sound transfer. As an added bonus, the film can help reduce glare, so if you’re worried about your neighbors hearing your conversation, you’ll be able to hear what they’re saying.

A key feature of Defense Lite security glass protectant is that they deter intruders by delaying entry for 30 to 60 seconds.

They are made from UV-coated polycarbonates and proprietary anchoring mechanisms to blend in with the existing glazing. Click here to find out more about polycarbonates.This invisible layer of protection is effective against blunt force and ballistic threats, and has been independently tested. Its effectiveness has been proven by independent testing, and it has been proven to outperform other protectant used in building protection.

These polycarbonate security panels apply directly to the existing frames of your glass and doors. Their vented aluminum extrusions help create distance between the glass/door glass and the security film. This distance prevents kinetic energy from attacks, which would otherwise cause the primary glass to break. Additionally, the protectant are designed to prevent moisture from forming and condensation, so you won’t have to worry about a moisture problem in your home or business.

Aside from adding security and privacy, security glass film is also relatively inexpensive and won’t affect your deposit. As they’re removable, they also don’t take up space on the glass, so you can remove them whenever you like.

Before you install the film, make sure to ask your landlord for permission first. Most landlords will be more than happy to let you do this.

A ballistic-resistant derivative of this security glass protectant is Bullet Shield. These protectant can be retrofitted on existing glazing frames and offer exceptional ballistic performance for a fraction of the price of bullet proof glass systems.

Another feature of security glass protectant is their patented technology. These protectant are installed over existing glass, preventing criminals from entering the building. They are cost-effective because they combine advanced materials science with efficient retrofit installation. And their warranty is the best in the industry.

You can even get a free quote on these protectant online.

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