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Do We Really Spend Less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day?

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So like the rest of Great Britain, you probably bought your dad a card and pressie for Father’s Day, but did you spend the same amount as you did on Mother’s Day?

While sales still rose, nothing compared to the bump shops get on Mother’s Day.

So Why Do We Spend More On Mums?

Many a psychologist would argue that maybe we feel like our mothers deserve more or bigger presents for all the stuff they do at home or that mums have a special place in people’s hearts.

To help figure this out, I asked 70 bloggers if they spent more on mum, dad or equal amounts.

The results were quite shocking actually.

70% said that they spent an equal amount of their parents, whereas 20% said they spent more on mum and 10% said they spent more on dad.

“I spend more on my mum because my dad has simpler tastes. Also, my mum is less inclined to treat herself” says Hannah from

Could this be because men aren’t really that bothered with gifts of affection? It makes sense, as the men in my life much prefer a lay-in and a box of donuts to any fancy gift.

More Materialistic?

In the past, retailers have seemed to really push the boat out when it comes to Mother’s Day and left Father’s Day as an afterthought.

This is soon to change though, as, with traditional gender roles breaking down, more fathers than ever are helping out around the house and taking on the primary caregiver role.

Sophia from Tattooed Tealady agrees, “I have a better relationship with my dad, so the gifts I get him are more related to his interest and can be more pricey, whereas I tend to get my mum more sentimental gifts which are often cheaper.”

Could this be down to us, as a generation, giving dads the chance to be more emotionally available for their kids, so, as they grow, they know more about what dad likes, making it easier to buy for him, then say before, when dad just worked and didn’t help around the house.

Do We Really Spend Less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day?

Recognition for Dads

Last year, the average spent on a Father’s Day card was £1.85, compared to £2.09 for a Mother’s Day one. (Figures by the Greeting Card Association of the UK.)

My thinking is, dads just aren’t that sentimental when it comes to cards or giving.

“I most definitely spend more on mum overall. My dad openly says not to get him anything. My mum has always made lots of effort on giving meaningful gifts and I reciprocate them,” says Alex from

We may spend more on mums, but there is one area where dads do come out on top. We buy them better bottles of booze.

Figures suggest that we spend more on wine and spirits for dad than we do on mum, Berry Bros & Rudd even go on to suggest that it could be as much 13% more!

When it comes to other gifts though, we may be a bit stingy

Male grooming products seem to be the most popular, with hair care and aftershave right up there too.

Another small yet popular gifts for dad seems to be chocolate, books and gadgets, all equating to a rise in spending of £684m, up from £658m last year.

Making it Individual

“For me, it’s all about the gift and making it personal to them,” says Laura from Dear Bear and Beany, and we’re the same. I try and get the kids to make cards and presents, reminding them that grandparents would much prefer a handprint then another dust collector.

While I do find both days overly commercial now, I still love the idea of celebrating a parent. Nothing says Mother’s Day to me more than a lay-in and breakfast in bed. No money spent, just a couple of extra hours in bed.

Can’t get cheaper than that!

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