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My main areas of expertise are women’s issues, finance, photography, film, mental health, technology and travel. However, I love a good challenge and would like nothing more than researching topics outside of my comfort zone.

As a narrator for your brand, I use words to effectively communicate your key messages, with the ability to adapt my writing style depending on your audience and the tone of voice of your company.

With experience of working with WordPress and Blogger content systems, I enjoy writing engaging content for the web, specialising in blogs, social media and press releases. For more on what i do, please click here.

I currently write two blogs; one, my professional site, S4SM, which is a parenting based blog that offers money saving tips, tricks and bargain deals, with a dash of parenting advice thrown in. As well as our blogs, we have a growing community of Penny Pinching Parents who like a good bargain, and who share their own tips within our Facebook group.

I write monthly for The Huffington Post, Mumsnet and The Motherload, and love nothing more than writing engaging content.

Professionally; i ghostwrite the majority of the commercial copy I produce, so unfortunately I can’t link it here, but below are some examples of the current work I’ve been working on:

Social Media:

Savings 4 Savvy Mums: Facebook page, group, Instagram and Twitter from January 2017 to current. Grown from zero to over 2 thousand followers across all platforms.


9 Maddening Tourist Types You’re Sure To Find in Hawaii” for Funlocity, January 2017.

Kids on a Plane: A Survivors Guide.” for Funlocity, December 2016.

Hawaii & SPAM: A Match Made in Heaven. But Why?” for Funlocity, November 2016.

How To Be a Good Parent Employer and Not Be a Twat.” for The Huffington Post, November 2016.

Chocoholic? 9 Hawaiian Treats That Will Satisfy Your Chocolate Itch” for Funlocity, November 2016.

5 Hawaiian Food Favorites You (Probably) Won’t Find Anywhere Else” for Funlocity, October 2016.

7 Hawaiian Legends Too Spooky To Ignore” for Funlocity, October 2016.

13 Things to Do on Maui with a Skinny Budget” for Funlocity, October 2016.

The PND Disaster: It’s Ok To Be Ok” for The Huffington Post, September 2016.

8 Unusual Facts about Hawaii only a Geek Would Love” for Funlocity, September 2016.

Why Us Mothers Are All Child Abusing Knobs…Apparently” for The Huffington Post, September 2016.

Sun, Sea, Sex and….SPAM? 9 Fun Facts About Hawaii” for Funlocity, August 2016.

11 Hawaiian Activities That Princesses like Beyoncé Would Never Do” for Funlocity, August 2016.

5 Shows like Bones: Perfect Partnerships” for Itcher Magazine, July 2016.

6 Movies like Resident Evil: Apocalypse – Global Peril” for Itcher Magazine, June 2016.

6 Movies like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Wands at the Ready” for Itcher Magazine, May 2016.

Still not convinced? Then why not have a look over at my testimonials page, and find out how many other businesses i’ve helped.

Getting in Touch

If you would like to work with me or would just like more information on how I work, including services offered, T&Cs or just have a question, then please email me at [email protected].