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Popular Crypto Exchanges to Trade Crypto Assets!

Popular Crypto Exchanges to Trade Crypto Assets!

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Understanding the crypto market can be a daunting task as you have to go through every detail of its network, technology, wallet, platforms, and every other thing. It would be best to learn about buying and selling crypto assets, choosing the right platform to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is a bumpy journey where there will be many ups and downs in the form of challenges and risks.

Crypto exchanges are the platforms through which investors invest in cryptocurrencies. Most of the crypto exchanges offer the features like crypto trading tools, staking rewards, margin trading, and many more. If you want to trade bitcoin, get your hands on

Here we have gathered a list of some reliable cryptocurrency exchanges located worldwide suitable for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. But, of course, it would be best if you decided which option is best for you.


Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto exchanges that offer around 50 cryptocurrencies to deal in, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more. It also offers many investment options for institutional clients and individuals. In addition, Coinbase offers an option of Coinbase Earn account that allows its users to earn crypto rewards for watching videos that can be any gaming or educational. The exchange has a user-friendly interface and offers a new option known as Coinbase Pro, especially for advanced crypto traders, high-net-worth clients, and institutions.

Advanced users can use Coinbase Pro, which offers advanced features, including charting tools, secure trading bots, and order books. In addition, the institutional clients get options to use commerce services, Asset Hub, and cold storage wallets. However, there are multiple negative factors as well in Coinbase as it doesn’t allow users to borrow money temporarily to trade cryptocurrencies and doesn’t offer futures.


Binance is a crypto exchange that offers its services specifically to US traders. When we talk about staking rewards, crypto investors get the chance to earn 1-10% for holding crypto assets for an extended period.  It fulfills all the requirements of US investors and supports around 50 cryptocurrencies. Binance offers the investment options like Coinbase for both institutions and investors. However, there are multiple negative factors as well in Coinbase as it doesn’t allow users to borrow money temporarily to trade cryptocurrencies and doesn’t offer futures. Its best features include recurring buys, crypto trading pairs, staking rewards, and stable coins backed by the dollar.

The crypto exchange offers a plethora of features for institutional clients that include Websocket feed, OTC trading portal, trading API, 24/7 customer service, and institutional staking rewards. Both Android and iOS users can access this crypto exchange. But the major limitation of this crypto exchange is that it only serves US traders and investors. If you are a resident of other countries like Texas, New York, Idaho, Hawaii, Connecticut, you won’t be able to access the services of Binance. Moreover, it is not the best crypto exchange for beginners as it doesn’t offer the best education.


Like all the other exchanges mentioned above, Kraken also supports around 50 cryptocurrencies that are best for both institutional and retail investors. In terms of global support, Kraken is an excellent option as it has more reach than Binance. Kraken operates in around 200 countries. The best feature of Kraken is that it offers both futures and margin trading. With the margin trading feature, the investors can borrow up to four to five times their actual account balance to trade cryptocurrencies. With futures trading, some contracts allow investors to buy and sell crypto assets at a fixed price in the coming days. These features are available for crypto assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Additionally, this crypto exchange offers trading platforms where institutional clients can get the best benefits of one-on-one consultations, expert insights, and account management support. All the investors at Kraken can use staking rewards, educational resources, and this exchange is accessible to both Android and iOS users.


CEX.IO is a London-based crypto exchange that operates globally and supports traders worldwide. The best thing about this crypto exchange is that it deals in 80+ cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the exchange offers unique mobile app features, crypto-backed loans, instant buy features, and staking rewards. In addition, advanced crypto traders get the feature of margin trading accounts and spot trading features.

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