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Need A Quick Breakfast Idea? Here Are Some Tasty Options

Need A Quick Breakfast Idea? Here Are Some Tasty Options

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Breakfast is usually regarded as the most important meal of the day, and rightly so. It gives you the energy to kick-start the day on a good note. Your breakfast may determine how your day turns out, whether in school, at work, or wherever. However, you may not always have enough time to make breakfast before leaving home for work or school, etc.

So what do you do about that since you shouldn’t be missing out on breakfast?

Well, you can ditch the morning rush and opt for some tasty, fast, and easy-to-make breakfast. That way, you don’t miss out on your breakfast, and you don’t run late for your programs for the day.

That’s why we have compiled some of the best quick and tasty breakfast ideas for you to try every day.

Berry Pie Oatmeal

Whole grain oats breakfast meal gets even healthier when it’s blackberry pie oatmeal. Make a bowl of oatmeal and top it with ⅓ cup of blackberries or any other one of your preferred berries. You want to make sure it is both quick to make and tasty, as well as healthy. So crush one graham cracker and add to the oatmeal, also add a tablespoon of chopped walnuts.

Berry is rich in antioxidant properties, plus it is packed with vitamin c and fiber. While the protein and fat content in the walnuts will keep you full.


A breakfast pasty is one of the nicest breakfast meals you can try today. Pasties are typically the British version of baked pastry. Although pasties may not be as quick to make as the other breakfast ideas in this article, they still deserve to be on our list since they are really tasty and as you can see at, you can get your pasties delivered to your home, if you can’t make them your own. To make this tasty meal, you first start by mixing flour (preferably plain flour) to make your dough. Then you add some uncooked fillings, which are mostly meat and veggies, to the dough before baking it.

Cheese Mushroom Scramble

Eggs for breakfast are a staple in almost every home because they are a rich source of protein. They supply enough vitamins and minerals and are low in calories. This makes eggs a good breakfast choice, whether poached, scrambled, or boiled. Eggs can also be used to cook different quick and tasty recipes for breakfast.

Try the cheese mushroom scramble recipe for a tasty and quick breakfast. It is a combination of scrambled eggs, shredded low-fat cheese, and mushrooms, all easy to make. To get the best out of this meal, start scrambling the eggs as soon as you break them in the pan. Cook till it’s firm, then serve to enjoy your tasty breakfast.

Breakfast Banana Split

Did you think banana splits were only for dessert? Think again because this twist to the popular dessert meal is fun and healthy, and it is a perfect breakfast meal. This breakfast is packed with nutrients, from protein to potassium, healthy fats, and so on. This breakfast combines some highly nutritious fruits and nuts, as well as Greek yogurt.

Cut the banana into halves through the entire length, then lay both halves on a plate. Scoop some yogurt in the middle of the banana, and add your berries and top it with some granola. Add peanuts to complement the nutritional value of this quick and tasty breakfast, and your delicious breakfast will be ready in only a few minutes.

Bread Toast With Peanut Butter And Honey

Start your day with this tasty and easy-to-make breakfast. Spread natural peanut butter and raw honey over a slice of whole wheat bread and leave to toast for a few minutes. This meal covers your concern if you are reading this article. You are reading this article because you want quick and tasty breakfast ideas.

This meal is packed with protein and carbohydrates to supply enough energy to help you start the day fully motivated.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

You need to consider these nice, creamy, and tasty mashed sweet potatoes for breakfast. Get some potatoes, poke the potatoes all over with a fork, then put them in the microwave. Let the potatoes cook in the microwave for at least five units while turning it halfway through. Cook till the potatoes are soft and can be mashed with a fork. Then add all sorts of condiments like cinnamon, chopped nuts, raisins, and almond butter. This will add taste and flavor and leave your mashed sweet potato breakfast meal packed with nutrients. You may even add honey, sugar, or maple syrup to add taste to this nice breakfast delicacy.

These breakfast ideas are easy to make, and they won’t take too much of your time to make. Start your day with these tasty meals to keep you energized during the day.

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