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A Mums Guide: How to Lose Weight for Free & Still Look After the Kids

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I’ve always been slim, but since having the kids, and working from home, the weight has been slowly piling itself on.

I don’t know how, but my clothes have started to get tight and I’m getting out of breath just thinking about running after the kids at the local park. Again.

As most of you know, I’m a real tight arse, and even if I had money, time is a bigger factor for me. I have none of it. I look after the kids solo most days and the days I don’t I work, plus the evenings too.

So here are the ways I plan to lose weight without touching my wallet. Wish me luck.


Eating Breakfast

I’m a dreadful snacker! I don’t feel like breakfast at 6 am when the kids wake up, and after their continuous bowls of hoops or toast, then packing up, I seem to lose the morning.

By 10 am I’m starving and going towards the nearest object I can eat, normally the biscuits.

Now, I’m not even going to buy them and just eat breakfast with the kids. It will stop me snacking, even if I have to share most of it with them. I can always have two bowls, right?!


Drink More Water

When hunger strikes, downing the water seems to help. It’s like I’m tricking my brain!

One of my blogging friends, Patricia from White Camellias, (who always looks stunning) suggested that I try warm water with lemon before breakfast as it’s meant to kick-start your metabolism and reduce fat stores. I love this more because it’s pretty much free!!!!!


Exercise Differently

My pals Emma from Emma and Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine both suggested I use apps to track my progress. I used to love running and am very competitive, so the idea of beating myself really gets me going. My kids are 5 & 3, so could jump on their scooters and ride along with me.


My other friend Alice from Living with a Jude suggested I ditch the car and walked. My Eldest is starting school in September, so that is an idea, but walking a mile there and back with a 3-year-old puts the fear in me. We will see….


Sam from Mouse, Moo & Me Too, my fitness guru, suggested I use YouTube. I never knew, but she told me there are loads of fitness bloggers out there who exercise with you! I also loved her idea of filling two water bottles with pebbles to take out for weights.


Use a Smaller Plate

I seem to eat whatever is on my plate. I’ve started using smaller bowls and plates and have gradually been serving myself less. Weighing food helps too, as not only am I serving the right amount, but I’m not wasting it either.


Cut down on the Fizz

The alcohol one. Now, I’m more than partial to a slight tipple on a Friday and Saturday night, ok, whenever I feel like it. No longer having any in the house hasn’t stopped me wanting it, but has stopped me drinking it. I just can’t be bothered to run to the nearest shop to buy a bottle or have the money that they charge for the convenience!


Curb the Carbs

Cutting out bread and pasta and uping natural carbs like fruit and vegetables can help.

My good friend Jenny from Accidental Hipster Mum suggested swapping potatoes for butternut squash and getting rid of processed meat.

That makes sense to be honest, as I’ve found recently that meat is becoming super expensive!

So I really don’t have any excuse anymore. All the above I could do for free with the kids. I would really love to lose 8lb this month, and can’t see this being an issue if I actually stick to it.

Have you got any cheap exercise tips for me? What would you suggest?

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Sharing is caring!