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Medavie Blue Cross Moncton Health Insurance – Top Benefits

Medavie Blue Cross Moncton Health Insurance – Top Benefits

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We all know that life is unpredictable and that problems can emerge out of the blue, but unfortunately, there are few who, today, ignore, for various reasons, private health insurance. Therefore, we intend to highlight, among the following, the advantages offered by private health insurance. Thus, it will be easier to understand why private health insurance is, regardless of age, a backup plan that each of us should have.

Private health insurance helps you save money. Medical analyzes, hospitalization, and treatments involve costs that can destabilize any budget. Blue Country health insurance in Moncton enables you to save money and manage your medical problems in the way you want, with the flexibility you need.


Private health insurance helps save you time.

Endless queues in front of cabinets or late schedules are in the past. A private health policy provides easy access to medical services, helping you save valuable time.


Private health insurance does not involve high costs.

Of course, the price varies depending on certain specific factors, but a basic package involves an average monthly investment of 50 euros. The price increases based on additional services added to the base package.


Private health insurance is tax deductible.

Both those offered by the employer and those concluded individually. According to the law, these policies can be deducted up to a cumulative level (employee and employer) of 800 euros per year (the equivalent in ROL) per person.


It covers many risks.

In general, a private policy covers, in the case of a basic package, surgical interventions, medical investigations, hospitalization, and consultations. The basic package can be added to additional services, offering greater coverage. See more here.

Medavie Blue Cross Moncton Health Insurance – top benefits


Private health insurance has higher territorial coverage.

Such a policy provides access to several private clinics and state hospitals from any part of the country, not just the city of residence. Private health insurance also guarantees access to clinics and hospitals abroad.


Private health insurance has high addressability.

Private shelters offer the opportunity to switch from one healthcare provider to another but also the possibility of being consulted by a doctor of your choice. Also, private policy guarantees access to second medical opinion.


It offers total transparency.

Thus, the rapid exhaustion of funds for analysis is no longer a problem, as it is in the state system. Also, a private policy guarantees full visibility of the amounts allotted and settled for each medical service.

Private health insurance encourages healthy behavior. People who have such a policy do not expect a problem but always check their health. Such an active attitude means care and attention for one’s person.

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Private health insurance guarantees peace. Individual policies provide a sense of security that, in case of an unforeseen event, you have the solution at your fingertips. An individual health insurance is an ace in the sleeve that you can use when you need it most.


In conclusion, private health insurance is, in the current context, a necessity. It’s essential to have an individual health policy; it guarantees that when you face a health problem, the solution will always be handy. Whether you are at your first or second birth, whether you are married or not, private health insurance tailored to your needs is crucial. Do not ask yourself if you allow private health insurance, but if you allow yourself not to have such a policy.

Choosing private health insurance can be a difficult decision, given that few insurance companies offer such policies, on the contrary. An insurance broker can help you compare the offers of more companies and thus find a flexible system that can be customized according to your needs and your family. Do not rush to buy the cheapest policy and, equally important, make sure you understand all the information in the contract you are about to conclude.


Why Is Private Health Insurance Essential?

Private health insurance offers you some essential benefits for you to have a top medical care in private hospitals. That’s why it’s necessary to have private health insurance:

  • A large number of medical services it covers – private health insurance includes some medical services that you can otherwise only benefit from paying.
  • Quality medical services – if you need special medical services, you can treat yourself to private clinics, where the attention to the patient is increased and the medical equipment is better. In this way, you will be sure that you benefit from the best treatment for your health problem.
  • Prevention and post-operative care – if your doctor tells you that you are at an increased risk of developing a particular medical condition, the services of a private health insurance cover these treatments as well.

Including the very high cost of private health insurance also covers costs, hospitalization and treatment, even in the case of very costly surgery. Thus, insurance will cover the major costs you should pay in case of a significant health problem.

In conclusion, it is good to be assured and to feel protected, and our advice is to consult the offer for products that protect your health.


What do you have to do to get a health insurance policy?

To begin with, you need to fill in a questionnaire where you will need to answer a set of questions, including the age you have, if you suffer from certain diseases or have undergone various surgeries, if you have teeth put up no, etc. Another type of questionnaire that can be filled in is the medical one in which the potential client declares under his responsibility that he or she does not suffer from certain diseases. Read this.

Depending on the private health insurance the patient wants, that is, if he wants to have as many medical services as possible, he will have to make a set of analyzes, which is borne by the insurer. If the results obtained from a laboratory approved by the insurer are not good, that is, the person does not fit into specific parameters, then the client can not benefit from the insurance he/she wants or will have to pay very much.

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