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Let’s save – 5 ways you could be saving money right now

Let’s save – 5 ways you could be saving money right now

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Let’s face facts: kids are expensive. And as the cost of living continues to rise, keeping on top of your finances can seem like a daily struggle, and when little ones are in the mix, it can make things even more difficult. We’d all like a little more money in our purses, right? So, what’s the solution?

Here I’ve gathered some simple and straightforward ways you could be saving money, right now. So read on and start saving.

Ditch the cigarettes

We all know that smoking is an expensive habit, and it’s not easy to give up. When you do decide to quit, it’s a long process, which means the financial cost of smoking is still reflected in your monthly budget. The most obvious solution is to quit smoking altogether, but instead of continuing to smoke, you could consider a potentially cheaper and less harmful alternative. Consider a vape starter kit to help get you on the road to quitting nicotine for good and making it as budget-friendly as possible. Remember, if you want to quit smoking speak with your GP for the latest advice.

Keep things local

With the school holidays coming up and warmer, drier weekends approaching the idea of keeping the kids entertained without spending a fortune is daunting, to say the least. The best option is to get to know your local area better. Discover which places of interest are free or only require a donation at your discretion. Know where the best play parks are, and find out when cheaper admission prices are available for local attractions.

Make some simple swaps

The magazines you pick up at the supermarket, the extra sweets the kids want after school, the takeaways and the coffees you treat yourself with. All of these are great treats but that’s exactly what they should be considered as – treats. When we start to spend money on these kinds of items every day or every week then our finances quickly dwindle. Instead, switch a takeaway meal for a homemade one, or opt for a feast one day a month, say no to magazines and bake sweet treats at home rather than buying them at the shop. Brew coffee at home and make as many swaps as you can.

Be resourceful

Try not to throw anything away and be as resourceful as you can. All that recycling you get through each week and the junk mail you receive, don’t throw them away, use them for arts and crafts – a much better option than buying your kids more toys to play with. If your child won’t eat all their lunch, then offer it as an afternoon snack rather than wasting it and throwing it away. There’s a stain on your top and it won’t come out? Use that top as a duster or add it to the kids dressing up box.


The benefits system is overly complicated and exhausting to understand. However, you shouldn’t let that put you off. Make sure that you’re receiving everything you’re entitled to. If you’re unsure then get in touch with

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