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Last-minute back to school savings

Last-minute back to school savings

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The new school year is now back in full swing and kids everywhere are asking for new school supplies! From books and pencil cases to new shoes and P.E kits, there’s no doubt you’ve missed something off your child’s back to school list. But don’t worry, there are plenty of last-minute back to school savings to be had, so you can be sure your child has everything they need for the school year ahead.

School uniforms, P.E kits and clothing

School uniforms certainly aren’t cheap, and it seems like children grow out of them every year! However, there’s no need to worry if you’ve forgotten any uniform essentials or need to replace them. In fact, there are many budget-friendly options out there meaning you won’t have to break the bank.

Shopping second-hand

You might find second-hand uniforms and P.E kits at your local charity shops or on websites like Facebook. As children grow out of school uniforms quickly, many hand-me-downs are in good condition at just a fraction of the price. You might also discover some great bargains on second-hand coats and jackets for the colder months ahead. Buy, sell or swap groups on Facebook have also become a hotspot for parents selling outgrown clothing items.

Look out for unbranded items

Some schools aren’t as strict with their school uniform policies, meaning you might be able to purchase plain polos and shirts without the school’s crest on. You’ll find cheaper alternatives to these in supermarkets and they make great replacements, but always check with the school beforehand.

Accessories and stationary

Let’s not forget their stationery! Your child will need these essential accessories and stationery items for their new school year:

    • ●  A school bag/reading bag
    • ●  Pencil case
    • ●  Stationery items (pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, protractors)
    • ●  Notebooks and folders
    • ●  Lunch box
    • ●  Water bottle

Stationery cost can soon add up! Thankfully, websites like ​Toys for a Pound ​have tons of affordable back to school supplies for less. Starting at just £1, you’ll find pencil cases, lunch boxes, notebooks, water bottles and even backpacks for your kids! They also have lots of

big brands on offer, from Disney Pixar’s Incredibles to Frozen and Star Wars goodies your kids will adore.

Books and reading materials

Throughout the school year, your child’s school might ask you to purchase essential books and reading material to aid their learning. From maths books to English literature classics, these reading materials can be quite costly when bought brand new. Shopping used books is a great way to save pennies. Charity shops like Oxfam might stock some books, but their collections are often limited. Thankfully, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have tons of used books for sale costing less than half the price of a new book.

For example, a standard GCSE Maths book can cost up to £10 when bought new, whereas used editions on Amazon start at just £2.17. That’s some HUGE savings over the school year!

Making the most of discounts

Don’t be a stranger to discount codes and vouchers. Many retailers now offer discounts to students, but getting in the habit of seeking out discount codes can also save you lots of money. This isn’t exclusively for the back to school shop, however, but a simple Google search for the retailer followed by ‘discount codes’ can sometimes save you between 10-30% on your shop! This could certainly add up when purchasing items like school shoes, jackets and even your weekly shop!

Do you have any savvy back to school savings tips? Share them in the comments below!

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