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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During the School Holidays on a Budget

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During the school holidays your kids are going to need something to do, if only to spare your furniture and walls. There are plenty of activities to do both inside and out, dependent on the weather, and Rossall have a few tips to keep them entertained during those long days.


One for when it’s a wet day, grab a plastic table cloth and set it down on the floor. Grab the pens, the paints, the Play Doh (other plastercines are available) and the paper. And get making. You could have a morning or drawing, and afternoon of colouring and an evening of sculpting. You could also be more practical and make something useful together, like personalised birthday (or whichever occasion comes around next) cards, saving more money down the line.


Quick, the sun’s out. It’s a miracle! Get the bucket and spade and a towel and get yourselves down the beach. You can just have a stroll along the shore if you want, or you can set yourselves up there for a good few hours. Bring some sandwiches for a cheap and cheerful lunch but don’t forget a couple of quid for an ice cream. Get a move on though, the sun won’t stay around for long.


Usually you have to pay to get in and look around the inside of castles, but walking around their grounds is free, or at least considerably cheaper. So take a drive out and explore a new town and take in the sights and the history surrounding the area. There are hundreds of castles around the country to be explored, some are great structure,  just as they were centuries ago,  some nothing more than ruins.

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During the School Holidays on a Budget


Another one for when the weather is bleak, get into the kitchen and make up a batch of cookies, teaching kids to cook is an important lesson to learn. So start young and get them to do the mixing. When they are a little older you can move onto different recipes and give them more and more responsibility. Before you know it they’ll be cooking the evening meal for everyone. Maybe.

Trips out

For a more educational day out that won’t cost you anything, you can go to a museum or an art gallery, get them to soak up some culture and there will be something for everyone at places like that. From dinosaurs to robots, Vikings to astronauts. Then if you have ones too young to appreciate anything like that, then you can stick them on a soft play and let them tire themselves out so you can have a noise free evening when they want an early night!

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