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Jason Bond Review 2020

Jason Bond Review 2020

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Every trader knows the importance of having the best strategies when it comes to making profits. Whether you trade stocks, indices, or cryptocurrencies, if you aim to gain a piece of the action, you need all the right alerts and picks at your fingertips. 

If you have heard of Jason Bond, you either deal in stocks or are planning to soon. As you may have already heard, it can be challenging to keep in touch with all the latest happenings in the market. So you will agree that it could be wise to have a mentor to teach you all the winning tricks. In this TradingReview, you would learn about highly celebrated stock trader Jason Bond and all his winning methods. 

Who is Jason Bond?

Jason left his job as a gym teacher in an elementary school and decided to start trading stock as a profession. Today he has mentored more than 30,000 people to become expert traders on their own. His trading institute RagingBull is one of the Inc5000 companies of the decade. Jason has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Street, Seeking Alpha, He has also been invited to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. 

As a mentor, Jason focuses his energy on inspiring his students to approach stock trading as a profession instead of a part-time gig. Of course, this is in addition to his three strategies that have helped him live his dreams of being a successful trader. You could equally benefit from his free training once you sign up on his website. 

All About Jason Bond Picks

Jason’s strategy centers around three main things, which form the basis of his stock trading picks. According to him, it is his secret for finding profitable trades. His strongest suit is selling options with the help of spreadsheets and swing trades. It helps to even out the risk of selling options. 

What makes Jason stand out from many other online services for traders is his teaching background. He knows how to break down his tutorials and lessons for easy assimilation. You could tell quickly he is a patient teacher without knowing about his history teaching in an elementary school.  

Highlights of Jason Bond Picks 

By signing up for the service, you benefit from four premium packages available on Jason Bond. There is a library filled with video lessons to help you through all the problematic trading steps. There is a daily update of swing trade watch lists available every morning for email subscribers and on the website. You also get trade alerts and get to interact with others in the chat room. 

Video Lessons 

Videos tutorials are a great way to learn how to trade stocks quickly, which is one of Jason’s most significant teaching strategies—making use of short explainer videos to teach everything from money management to trading penny stocks even as a newbie. With high-quality visuals and editing, you get first-hand knowledge of the topic without stress. 

In the library are 50+ videos that are easy to understand topics related to trading and finances. As a subscriber, you can ask questions in the comment section and get answers from Jason and others. You can learn more here about trading stocks and how to survive the murky waters. 

Trade Alerts 

You get bombarded with trade alerts via email and SMS, which is a welcome feature for those who need to stay updated while on the move. Steal a pick and make the trade in real-time or sit back and learn. Jason does his best to break things down to just the fundamentals, so you know you are not getting trash in your inbox. 

The notifications are not just to get into a trade; there is also get alerts for when to pull out of it. So you know you won’t get left out to lose all your investments. 

Swing Trade Watch List 

Subscribers also benefit from a morning dose of daily watch list, which is a lot more than the trade alerts. You get a stock picked out by Jason for you to watch for the day. It is an excellent avenue for newbies to learn about swing trading, and you too could buy before even get the “go” from Jason Bond. 

You also get an after hour evaluation at the end of the day. It is somewhat of a summary of how the trade went, be it good or bad. If you are starting with investing in stocks or day trading, you should get a peek into this list. 

Chat Room 

The fourth feature of the Jason Bond Pick is the highly engaging chat room filled with daily chatter on stocks and making money. On a regular, there is a decent amount of traffic, so you are sure of learning a new trick every other day. 

While there is no denying that you get a lot of newbies here, which may not be a plus for expert traders, there are many pros who troop in and out regularly. 

Subscriptions Available 

While there are several features available, you only get to choose from two subscription packages. While most people go for the Swing Trading, you could equally benefit from the Millionaire Roadmap.

Swing Trading 

It appeals to newbies as it is priced at $133/month as against the Millionaire Roadmap, which goes for $9,999/year. It is a great place to start so you can learn about all the pro strategies while making profits as you move slowly. Trading volumes are essential when dealing with stocks, and you can check for some of the top risks that come with the business. 

Millionaire Roadmap

With this option, you get an overload of features. You get everything available on the Swing Trading option with extras such as, Mastermind Meetups, Top Option Picks, Top Stock Picks, Day Trading, and an exclusive membership to Jason’s private chat room. 

Overall Rating 

On a final note, I would say Jason Bond Picks rates highly compared to other online daily stock picks. The fact that he has experience teaching and mentoring kids is one of the reasons why many people subscribe across his many contents. 

Each lesson is well presented, and the follow-up emails show that he genuinely cares about your wins and losses and not just his. Overall, he has the right eye for stock trading, which is evident in his books. If you are in dire need of mentoring and lessons on stock trading, you may want to give him a shot. 

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