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Is Debt Your Fault Or Is It A Feature Of The System We Live In?

Is Debt Your Fault Or Is It A Feature Of The System We Live In?

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Why is it that when a citizen is in debt, they are to be hounded by the creditors and lenders until they give in, but, when a nation or government increases debt, they are actually praised? What a stupid and upside-down world we live in, where governments can print money out of thin air, raise the debt ceiling and thus be praised for ‘paying’ for things like roads, schools, armed forces and healthcare. It’s bizarre to many of us to think that personal debt is taken more seriously, than the national debt. Both can be caused by the banks, yet we never ever consider whether the debt is our fault or simply part and parcel of the system we choose to live in!?

Inflation is a hidden tax

Quite recently, Warren Buffet, the famous billionaire investor, said that inflation is actually a hidden tax that not many people can understand. Here are some key points about it.

  • Inflation is when the rate of prices for goods and services increases.
  • Currently, the world uses MMT to base its inflationary needs or plans.
  • This means that every year money is being printed out of thin air.
  • It’s being printed to cause inflation by 2%.
  • Inherently, our currency is worth less than it was last year and will continue in this cycle of devaluation.
  • Consumers, therefore, have less power and they are paying higher prices for things, despite not having their salaries raised at the same time.

As you can see this is a hidden tax, a way for banks and governments to artificially raise prices, not relying solely on supply and demand. We’re all paying more for no reason!

Playing the game

So do you think debt consolidation is good, or Is debt consolidation bad? Well, if you are planning on doing everything you can to pay back your debt, you’re just a pawn in the game of the global bank cartels. Instead, you should regain your legal title to your body and then your CQV Trust. This then allows you to no longer have to pay for court cases, traffic fines and other things that mount on debt. You will also be able to discharge your debt by putting a lien on your CQV Trust. This allows you to make your assets uncountable by the government, credits and other entities. 

Debt is compatible

Our entire global system is based on debt. How else could the US have $26 trillion dollars of debt yet be the world’s largest economy? Inflation is a horrible concept that has been forced into the system. But if you buy precious metals and hold onto them, your wealth is being counterbalanced. Gold has risen to all-time highs and it continues to hover around $2,000. In fact, Warren Buffet himself has bought into gold stocks!

Debt is inevitable thanks to our system. It’s set up to increase debt naturally, as this is seen as ‘growth’ by banks and governments. You don’t have to play this game, take your ball and go home!

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