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Is Binary Options Trading Safe and Legal?

Is Binary Options Trading Safe and Legal?

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Putting all of your eggs in one basket isn’t a great idea at all which is why most investors diversify their assets as much as they can. Other than the stock market, investors look into commodities, ETFs, and even startups as means to spread their wealth. Another emerging means to invest nowadays is binary trading.

Before we dive into the legality and security of binary options trading, let’s first talk about what it is. By definition, this form of trading asks you to determine the outcome of an asset – called an option.  You’re going to be tasked to pick between call or put options and the assets themselves have an expiry date or time.

As compared to stock market investing, the binary option is used mostly for short-term investments. If you are able to predict whether the option is higher or lower than the price you bought it at, you stand to gain your investment back, as well your profits which range from 70-99% mostly. If you make a wrong call, then you lose your investment.

Due to its easily accessible means of investing, binary options trading has become popular for both new and veteran investors. Trading can be done on computers and on smartphones too. As such, most newcomers to investing try out binary investing immediately as it’s easy to get into.

Let’s now over into the legalities and security of binary trading.

Is It Legal?

To put it simply, yes, binary options trading is legal. It’s legalized and even regulated in many countries worldwide. The risks in binary trading are made known to investors and there aren’t any discrepancies when it comes to transparency as well. Moreover, you can find that most of today’s top binary trading platforms are already accredited by financial and investing institutions.

Due to the fact that people can make quick money with binary options, many thought that it’s unregulated. Another common misconception is that it is a form of gambling because of how you basically have to predict the outcome of a certain asset. In truth, binary options trading is just as legal as investing in the stock market.

This form of trading can bag you big returns in a short period. Of course, there are risks that come with this as well. It’s vital for governments and financial institutions to regular binary trading platforms so that both the users and the platform developers are able to benefit from the financial instrument.

Many have argued that binary options trading feels very similar to gambling. However, the key difference is that in this financial instrument, you can still make educated calls. Whereas in gambling, it is really up to the odds as to whether or not you win or lose your money.

Of course, the safety of this form of trading is a different matter. Just because some financial instrument is legal, that doesn’t make it necessarily make it safe already. When it comes to binary trading, what are the risks involved?

Is It Safe?

The risks put to you when trading options clearly depends on a few factors. says that the very first thing you should look into is the platform of your choice. There are countless binary options brokers out there and most of them are legit and safe. However, there will be those that can pretty much put your assets at risk.

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When picking a binary options platform, the first thing you should look for are reviews from the users themselves. These are easily available on app downloading platforms like Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store. Alternatively, you can also check out reviews from various broker review platforms online.

When looking at reviews, you should look for any safety concerns raised by previous users. Keep in mind that to top up your account online, you’ll need to give bank details and other private information so the platform should be risk-free, The top platforms have various security measures prepared so your account is safe.

Other aspects that determine the eligibility of the platform are accreditation and certificates. Binary options platforms can get accreditations from banking and financial institutions. These can show how authentic a platform is. Trading platforms readily show off their documents for investors to see.

Mitigating The Risks

As with any other form of investing, you need to start slow when trying out binary trading. The good news is that most of today’s top platforms come with demo accounts that let you practice trading as much as you want. Demo accounts are amazing as these let you practice in real-time without having to worry about losing your money.

Demo accounts come with virtual money that you can top up anytime you want. As for the trading, you will trade the same options that you will buy and sell once you finally begin your journey to binary freedom. Most of today’s top traders spend weeks and even months of these demo accounts before they begin using real money.

Binary trading is not just a guessing game mind you. There are ways you can make your calls much more accurate. Platforms come with various indicators that help you read market movement much better than just using the standard chart. You can use as many of these indicators as you want but it’s best to find which ones suit you best.

It’s important to know that when it comes to binary trading, becoming emotional is a bad habit. Just because you are on a winning streak, doesn’t mean that you should go all out in your next call. Keep calm and don’t ever go above your game plan.

Binary options trading could be a great means to increase your wealth but as you would in stock market investing, you need to be very discerning with a lot of things. The key is to ensure that your money is safe and that you are a responsible investor. As binary options trading is legal and secure, you can definitely try it out but make sure to try it with caution.

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