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Internet Rip-Off: How to Get a Good Deal on your Broadband

Internet Rip-Off: How to Get a Good Deal on your Broadband

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With soaring line rental costs and out of contract pricing, many of us are being hit hard with soaring broadband bills.

Research has found that when our contract ends, 15 million of us in the UK are unintentionally paying an average of £113 a year more of our broadband after the introductory deal ends.

First Utility has estimated that only 10% of us even recall having been alerted to the new rates!

Internet Rip-Off: How to Get a Good Deal on your Broadband

If this is you, then here are some tips to help you not only get your package boosted but also take a massive chunk off your bill too.

How to save £113 a year on your broadband and how to get a good deal by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums. #BroadbandSavings #CheapBraodband

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Broadband?

Check your tariff. Many of us tend to stick with our current broadband provider because of ease, but this tends to give leave us with bigger bills and slower speeds.

Never look at just the broadband cost. Is there any upfront charges? Do these offset the monthly amount?

It’s not easy to switch, but since 2015, Ofcom has tried to simplify the process to make more of us change.


Faster Speeds Don’t Always Mean Quick

Advertised speeds are just that, advertised. As long as 10% of their customers DO receive the advertised speed, then they can claim it.

Watch for the word “up to” as well. You probably won’t get that speed, as it depends on a number of factors, including how close you are to the exchange, the condition of the wiring and the number of people using the same broadband service as you in your area.

Yep, it really is that old school.


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Know Your Rights

Test your broadband yourself using something like Broadbandchoices or Ookla’s

Check it against at different times of the day.

If you’re not getting the speed you think you should, then call and to resolve it directly with your provider. If this doesn’t work, then go through the complaints procedure and start hammering them hard.
Look into Unlimited Data

Just streaming from YouTube or catching up on demand in HD can really kill your data usage.

Check your bill for penalty charges. If your limit isn’t enough, the switch to a version that is. Even if it’s a little more per month, it will work out cheaper overall.



Check if you’re under contract. If you signed up within the last 18 months, check your terms. Is there any exit penalty? Will they offer anything for you being loyal?

Broadband is a very competitive field. Phone up and threaten to leave them, many will often offer you some great discounts.

Are you overpaying? When was the last time you switched broadband providers? Let me know in the comments below.

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