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It’s the age-old question – should we go back to work after having kids? And it would be wrong to say that, whichever side of the fence you land on, the grass doesn’t sometimes look greener. There are so many advantages of going back to work once you’ve had children. You can gain a greater sense of self, set an example for your kids, bring in some wages of your own. But, at the same time, it can be just as rewarding to stay at home and look after them – not to mention that, for some people, it’s the only financially viable option.

 Well, there is a middle road. Now, with the internet, there are hundreds of ways that you can make money whilst working from home in flexible jobs that allow you the best of both worlds. However, one of the drawbacks is that you will need to find some ways to keep the kids occupied while you smash out those blogs. Read on for some top ways to keep the children out from under your feet while you bring home the bacon.

 Find a Quiet Corner

 Even if you don’t have a spare room to turn into a study, it’s really important that you try to find somewhere that you can focus on work. What’s also good about this is that the kids will learn to recognise when you’re in the room with them for playing and spending time together, and when you’re working. Not only that, but it will help you psychologically separate the time you are spending with your family from your workspace, so you don’t end up always feeling like you have to be “switched on.”

 Prioritise and Schedule

 You need to be flexible with your time when working from home and simultaneously looking after children. The time you have available to do your work might not be the same each day (sometimes they just won’t nap!) so you need to be able to shift along with it. It’s worth dividing your to-do list into essential and desirable work. You can tick off the things that are absolutely imperative, then have stretch goals which might make your life easier tomorrow, but won’t negatively impact on today if you don’t get to them. Use available resources as much as possible to maintain peak efficiency, like online proposal templates rather than making your own from scratch. This will save you time and brain space for more important things – like Peppa Pig!

 Don’t Feel Guilty

 Remember, working sets a good example to kids. They will learn about having a good work ethic, managing time, and the value of money. Don’t feel guilty about having a job that makes you feel valued and allows you to be at home and bring in some cash. If you are worrying, it almost certainly means you’re already doing a good job because you care enough to think about it. There are plenty of educational videos and channels that can keep your kids absorbed and they can tell you about afterwards so everyone’s kept happy while you get both jobs done.