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How to Use Equity Releases to Fund Your Dream Vacation

How to Use Equity Releases to Fund Your Dream Vacation

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Are you fantasising about taking that long-awaited family vacation? Equity release might be the answer you’re looking for.

Unlike other residential mortgage schemes, equity release allows you to enjoy financial independence & spend it as you see fit without the need for a well-thought-out business plan.

Jason Stubbs, an equity release specialist, highlights the best equity release providers who can help you finally take that dream vacation.

What’s Equity Release?

It’s essentially a method of freeing the money trapped in your estate without having to relocate or sell it to the highest bidder.

If you are facing a pension shortfall or an unforeseen bill, equity release may appear appealing.

Type of Equity Releases

There are currently two types of equity release schemes:

Lifetime Mortgage:

It’s the most common variety, & it allows you to choose whether to withdraw your money in a flat sum or many drawdown instalments.

You might also choose to keep some of the value of your home as an inheritance for your family. It provides you with the much-needed benefit of releasing equity while ensuring your children have something set up for their future.

Home Reversion Plan

The scheme allows you to access all or a portion of the value of your residential property while still retaining the right to live in residence rent-free.

In this case, your preferred equity release business purchases a portion of the entire value of your estate.

So you’ll know exactly how much of your home you’ve given up & how much you may ring-fence for inheritance reasons.

Unless you choose to take extra cash releases, the percentage you keep in your property will always remain the same regardless of variations in the estate market value.

How Does Equity Release Work?

In order to be eligible for equity release, you must be above the age of 55 (or 65 for a kind of equity release known as a home reversion plan).

You can release the equity in monthly instalments or one huge lump amount if you are qualified. To be eligible for equity release, you do not need to have paid off your mortgage.

Equity release advisors will determine how much equity you may be able to release, & deduct any existing mortgage from the current value of your home.

Some parts of the UK have experienced considerable increases in house values over the years, implying that many individuals may have access to a significant amount of equity.

How To Find the Best Equity Release Provider?

Book an appointment with a whole market financial adviser that specialises in equity release products to identify the best equity release, supplier.

Whole market financial advisers are your best choice when it comes to equity release since they will analyse plans from throughout the industry, ensuring that you are provided with the best possible terms.

Alternatively, you can pick one of the top suppliers by researching the Equity Release Council members.

 Can You Fund Your Holiday With Equity Release?

The quick answer is yes. The benefit of equity release is that it allows you to free up cash that has been tied up in your property.

You can avoid making immediate repayments by using the various methods of borrowing with equity release.

Thousands of people use equity releases to fund their ideal vacation & retirement plans.

What Else Can You Use Equity Release For?

Equity release can be utilised for a number of purposes. It’s typically utilised for house upgrades, income supplementation, or long-term care.

It can also be used to assist you manage your current debt or repay an outst&ing mortgage.

To Conclude

To guarantee that your equity release plan satisfies all requirements, make sure the plan provider you select is a member of the Equity Release Council.

An equity release plan may be a straightforward method to access the funds in your inheritance & help you make your retirement memorable & valuable. However, it is critical to examine whether this is the best option for you.

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