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How to Start Making Money Online – A Guide

How to Start Making Money Online – A Guide

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The opportunities to make money online have been around for a while, but not many people have the bravery or commitment to make it happen. But the shift to the online world during the pandemic made people realize its value even more. Whether you want to do it as a side hustle or make a living, you will encounter multiple opportunities. 

However, which methods are the most appropriate for making money online? Which need skills? Which methods need resources to begin? People are looking for tips to make the most out of these opportunities, so in this article, we will let you in on the basics. We also recommend you to read the EmpireFlippers’ guide to making money for more detailed information.

Sell Photos Online

Around 24% of Americans aged 18-24 years practice photography as a hobby. If you are a pro at capturing photographs, why not earn money by selling them? Stock photography websites are searched by magazine editors, designers, and other professionals for relevant images. 

Once you upload your photos, they keep getting sold multiple times. Therefore, you can keep earning money without too much effort. Moreover, you don’t need to just capture beautiful landscapes, you can snap photos covering any subject. Even random things such as pouring a cup of coffee, or a person looking at their phone are needed in the world of stock images.


  • Invest in good photography equipment to click high-resolution images.
  • Learn photo editing skills to further enhance your photographs.
  • Keep improving your photography skills through online tutorials, or you can even join professional photography courses.

Make YouTube Videos

In the United States, YouTube videos reach around 81% of the population. You can make money from a YouTube channel by opting for the YouTube Partner Program after getting more than 1000 subscribers. It helps in making you eligible for advertising revenue on the platform. 

After meeting a few requirements, you can go to the monetization section to start earning. It will provide you with several membership perks and unique features. For instance, you can activate the Super Chat, letting viewers get their messages highlighted during a live stream by making a small payment.

YouTube won’t pay according to the number of views on your videos. Instead, you will be paid when someone clicks on or watches the ads in your videos. It can help you make around $18 for every 1000 clicks or views on your video ads. You will be paid when your revenue reaches $100. 


  • Create trending content so that people come to watch your videos.
  • Stuff your video title and description with relevant keywords. 
  • Advertise your channel on social media platforms to get 1000 subscribers quickly.

Look for Copywriting Jobs

The copywriting industry has plenty of opportunities for writing skills and creativity. As a copywriter, you will create fresh marketing messages for brands. The promotional material should be clear but engaging. 

Copywriters are required by private firms, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. They are also in high demand across all industries. As a copywriter, you should formulate a strong voice for a brand.


  • Avoid making spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Be prepared to write samples for organizations to analyze your writing skills.
  • Specialize in industries like finance and law in which not many people are trained.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer can earn money by marketing the products or services of a company. When you promote the products or services of brands, their sales increase. You will receive a part of the profit they make through sales.    

But you always don’t need to increase a company’s sales to earn money. Sometimes you can even get paid for successful lead generation. Some companies are also willing to pay you for increasing the number of clicks on their products. 

Affiliate marketing can also help you earn performance-based rewards. If you have persuasion skills, affiliate marketing can help you earn a huge amount within a short span. 


  • Select a particular niche for creating the best marketing efforts.
  • Choose your affiliate marketing methods like making websites or running paid ads.
  • Create engaging content like blog posts or product reviews.

Sell Stuff that You Don’t Need

We all have a lot of stuff lying around our house that we no longer need. The products unnecessarily clutter your house, and getting rid of them can help you find a lot of space inside your house. 

You can head to a pawn shop to sell your items. But since you won’t be selling directly to the clients, your profits won’t be very high. Therefore, you should try using online platforms to sell your stuff. 

You can use multiple social media websites to make people aware that you have products for sale. Post about your products on multiple social media platforms to reach more potential buyers. Several websites also enable you to sell products directly to clients. 


  • Instead of selling old stuff like CDs, try selling items like electronics and furniture in demand. 
  • Find out how much you can earn by selling the products through extensive research.
  • Don’t forget to add shipping charges as shipping products can be quite expensive.

Closing Thoughts

Use these methods to start earning money now. Some of them don’t even require you to have updated skills.   

And no one has ever said no to a little extra cash in their pocket!

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