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How to Shop for Affordable Diamond Rings that Look Expensive

<strong>How to Shop for Affordable Diamond Rings that Look Expensive</strong>

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Finding the perfect engagement ring can be stressful and stressful on your finances. Whether you’re purchasing an engagement ring for yourself or together, there are occasions when you need to stick to your spending limit and prioritize the right things. However, you still want your jewelry to sparkle and include a stunning stone with a luxurious appearance that will always hold a particular place in your heart. 

This guide will suggest ways to make your engagement ring appear larger and advise you on the first decisions to make your new ring seem more influential.

 Here are some suggestions for choosing a diamond ring and making it appear incredibly pricey.

Prioritize Cut

A lousy cut grade can make a large diamond appear much smaller because cut grade significantly impacts how big a diamond seems. So be aware that even while a diamond with a more considerable carat weight will technically be more significant, a poor cut grade will nullify all that expensive additional carat weight.

Remember the cut grade when choosing a diamond for your engagement ring if you want the stone to appear as big as possible. People frequently believe that increasing the carat weight of a diamond is the only way to make it appear larger. That is not, however, the case. How nicely a diamond is cut is one element that determines how big it will appear.

Colour and clarity can be reduced by going lower.

Contrary to diamond shape, diamond hue and clarity have little effect on how big a diamond seems. Therefore, if the size is your first concern, be aware that lowering your diamond color and clarity standards will allow you to receive the most center stone for your money. Flexibility in color and clarity ratings creates leeway in your budget for a diamond with a more significant carat weight but a very good or excellent cut. Have a look at for more ideas.

Select the Bright White setting.

In platinum and white gold, as well as 18k white gold, your engagement ring may appear more prominent than others. Your engagement ring’s central diamond will be reflected like a mirror by a shiny white metal, making it appear larger. Rhodium plating on 18k white gold makes it incredibly reflective because it is so shiny. Additionally, 18k white gold costs less than platinum, allowing you to spend more on the center diamond.

Don’t use some Diamond Shapes.

Some diamond shapes appear larger per carat than others, and vice versa. Asscher cut, and princess diamonds may not be the best choice if you want the largest-looking diamond you can afford. Due to how they are shaped, both of these shapes conceal a significant portion of their weight beneath their tables.

Another shape that you should stay away from if you want to maximize your budget and choose a diamond that appears larger is the round diamond. Round diamonds appear smaller per carat than marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds. They also frequently cost a lot more money.

Pick Your Diamond Shape Carefully

A diamond’s form can also alter how big it seems to be. Round, princess, and oval are just a few of the many shapes diamonds can cut into. However, the distribution of mass varies depending on the diamond shape. Some diamond shapes appear much larger per carat because their table has more groups than the top.

Setting a Double Halo

Your central stone is encircled by a glistening ring of smaller accent diamonds in a halo setting. By optically extending the size of the main diamond, this sparkling halo makes it appear much more significant. This look is enhanced by the extra sheen the diamonds in a halo setting produce. A double halo setting is glamorous since it has two rows of sparkling diamonds surrounding the focal point. Don’t be shocked if people keep staring at the rock on your finger because this gives a ring a larger-than-life appearance and amplifies its sparkle.

Halo settings are a fantastic method to give your engagement ring drama and impact if this is your first time looking for an engagement ring. However, they’re also great if you want to replace your worn-out engagement ring. For a small portion of the price of replacing your existing center diamond, you can return the current setting of your engagement ring with a halo setting and obtain a much larger-looking ring.

Clean Up Your Ring

The last piece of advice on our list is the simplest to implement. Keep your engagement ring clean if you want it to appear as big as possible year after year. As discussed throughout this guide, your engagement ring will seem more significant the more brilliant it is. Diamonds and precious metals lose their glitter due to accumulating oil and grime over time. Therefore, polish your engagement ring frequently to maintain it looking good.

The Final Thoughts 

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide. Lastly, knowing where to buy engagement ring can make a huge difference in your level of satisfaction. Our tips and tricks will help you design the ring of your dreams if you’re wondering how to make a ring bigger. 

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