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Holidays are most people’s most significant expense every year. So, for those of us who like to live frugally how can we justify such expenditure? If you’re struggling to get the money together for a holiday you have had planned you could always visit a website like gobear.com/ph to see if you could get a small loan to help you, this way you don’t have to let people down and you can pay it off in small affordable chunks afterwards. We’ve also come up with a few more ideas of how to go on holiday without it costing you the earth so that a holiday can be a reality for you, not just a dream.


Not everyone will be happy to hear this, but camping is the ultimate way to save money when you go on holiday. Flights and hotel fees can be astronomical so by opting to pack up your tent instead you can save hundreds on accommodation fees. Camping doesn’t necessarily me slumming it; you can get all sorts of top-quality tents which make you feel like you’re still having a luxury experience. Plus, with the amount of excellent equipment you can buy, it doesn’t need to be difficult at all. There are so many countries particularly in Europe with fantastic camping facilities so what are you waiting for? It can be great fun to sleep outdoors.

Local Advice

One great way to save money whilst abroad is by asking for local advice on where to go and what to do. Activities and sites which are marketed towards tourists usually take advantage of their naivety and charge extra high prices. Get to know the locals and see where they like to hang out, chances are you’ll end up finding much nicer places than you would if you just choose the typical tourist spots. They’re often overrated and there’s a reason why you never see many locals at them!

Take Your Own Food

This one takes time, effort, and great preparation skills but it’s well worth it for the money you’ll save. After travel and accommodation expenses, eating out is the most expensive part of any holiday. So, prepare some meals beforehand with ingredients that will last and reap the financial benefits. You can still have tastes of the local cuisine by spending a little on snacks here and there but try not to eat main meals in restaurants as this is what costs the big bucks.Going on holiday doesn’t have to be something that is only accessible to the wealthy. There are lots of ways to get around the usual huge expense of a holiday such as choosing to camp rather than paying for a hotel, finding out where the locals tend to spend their time rather than opting for the more expensive tourist spots, and preparing your own food to take with you so that you can save money by not eating out. Thinking frugally can open the door to something you previously thought was inaccessible to you. For more tips on how to make the most of your money, take a look at savings4savvymums.co.uk.

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