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How to Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels

How to Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels

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Pigeons like to live near homes where there is plenty of water and food. Unfortunately, they are likely to mess up your roof and solar panels in the process. They leave their droppings and feathers on the solar panels, which not only damages the surface but also reduces their efficiency.

Solar panels pigeon proofing keeps your solar panels clear to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Pigeon droppings are acidic and degrade the surface rather quickly. Keeping them also helps lengthen the service life of your solar panels by preventing acidic degradation.

There are cases where birds also eat away the insulation in the wiring, exposing it and causing short circuits. You prevent this by keeping the birds away. Here are a few ways you can do this perfectly:

Installing a Bird Mesh over the Panel

Bird mesh is made of a flexible, lightweight material that can withstand solar degradation. The net-like design makes the birds avoid hopping on it. This way, they do not leave their droppings and feathers on the panel surface. Consider having a professional installer install it to have it positioned well.

Bird Spikes

Pigeons would first sit on the panel or around it before messing with it. Bird spikes are made to discourage them from resting on your panels. They are made of flexible plastic, with each spike being about two inches long.

They are also easy to install and you can remove them with ease. The small spikes cause significant discomfort for the birds. Therefore, they avoid landing on your panels. Some homeowners combine spikes with bird mesh to deter the birds.

Use of Reflective Mirrors

Just as the name suggests, reflective mirrors discourage pigeons from nesting on your panels by reflecting sunlight to the top. Reflected sunlight is uncomfortable for the birds and they will not stay on the panels. Some mirror systems use wind to create flashes of light every few seconds.

You can also use reflective mirrors in agricultural settings or any other location where you want to keep the birds away. Pick a deterrent made of a durable material such as aluminium or strengthened plastic.

Automated Bird Repellent

An automated bird repellent is a system that produces a light flash or sounds to keep birds away from your panels. It is triggered by birds’ movements around the panels. Therefore, it only makes a sound or flashes the light when there are birds around.

The choice of either the sound or light system is dependent on the location of the solar panels and desired comfort levels. While the sound is not loud, some people are likely to be disturbed by it. Therefore, they would rather use a light system. There are also solar-powered options on the market.

Protect Your Panels from Pigeons

Pigeons can do serious damage to your solar panels. It is important to keep them away to ensure the efficiency and longevity of the panels. You may use any of the methods above for pigeon proofing solar panels. Installing one is cheaper than making repairs or replacing your panels. Just pick a method that you are comfortable with based on the location and budget.

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