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How To Make An Insurance Claim The Right Way And Why People Do It

How To Make An Insurance Claim The Right Way And Why People Do It

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There are a wide variety of insurance policies available, covering just about anything you need covering. From home insurance to life insurance, policies are taken out for peace of mind and financial security, should the worst ever happen. Often, claims are never made, and insurance is just that – peace of mind.

However, sometimes a claim needs to be made. This can lead to long and complicated processes, as you try to prove how much money you need, while your insurer tries to pay out as little as possible. If you think you need to claim through your home insurance, for example, read on to find out how to do it, when to do it, and what to look out for.

When to Make a Claim

Let’s consider home insurance. Home insurance is a product purchased by homeowners, renters, and landlords alike – although each policy will be slightly different depending on which of these categories you fall into. As a homeowner, insurance is there to cover both the structural integrity of your home and everything in it. Renters may just get contents insurance, as it is expected in most cases that the landlord is responsible for the building maintenance and structural insurance.

So, if you have a home insurance policy as a homeowner, what does it cover? Firstly, it will cover all the fixtures and fittings, plus things like plumbing and structural issues. You may claim if your roof is destroyed by bad weather or if a pipe bursts causing your home to flood. The contents part of the insurance covers your belongings. This means that if things are damaged by either of the previous type scenarios or maybe if you are unfortunate enough to be burgled, your insurance should be claimed to help cover your losses.

Use a Loss Assessor

Making a claim can seem like a tough, scary prospect, especially if you have already been through a hard time with your home emergency or burglary. This is where a Loss assessor can be of great help. If you haven’t heard of these teams before, they are worth looking into.

Loss assessors are specifically trained in helping people maximize the potential of their insurance claims. You can provide them with all the information about your policy and whatever has occurred to damage your home. They will work through your policy with a fine-toothed comb, as well as taking a great amount of detail regarding what has been lost or damaged.

These insurance claim specialists work for you, not for your insurance company. They are entirely on your side, working with one specific goal in mind: to get you the best value settlement payout from your insurance company. They communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and can even work free of charge, as they recover their costs from the insurance company or your settlement. These teams can make your insurance claim process far easier than going to battle with an insurance company alone. If you have a large claim to make and have no experience with insurance, it’s highly recommended that you reach out to a loss assessment company right away.

Record Detailed Evidence

One of the things that will help you or a claims team get the most from a settlement is detailed evidence. In the scenario where there has been water damage, for example, take as many pictures and videos of the damage as possible. You should even take photos of the smallest items that have been ruined, as it all adds up. This kind of evidence can help make your case stronger, leading to a higher settlement.

Make Sure Your Policy is Valid

Before making a claim, it is also important to check your insurance policy is in date and premiums have been paid. Make a note of policy renewal dates or ensure that your police is auto-enrolled for renewals. There is nothing worse than suffering a great loss to your personal property only to find your insurance policy has expired and you have no payment coming your way.

You can also regularly check for new policies on comparison websites to see if you could get better coverage for your money. Whenever you do this, or whenever anything changes in your home, you need to inform your insurer of the changes, otherwise, they may use this as a loophole to not pay you.

Getting a claim right, whilst receiving a fair settlement, is much easier with help. The one thing you can do is make sure your policy premiums are paid and up-to-date. Then, a settlement specialist team can ensure you get every penny you deserve.

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